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5 Interesting Facts About Van Gogh

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While most know who Vincent Van Gogh is, as well as some of his more famous pieces, not everyone has a chance to own his art. Nevertheless, iterations of his work have appeared in various forms. This is why it’s no surprise if you one day find yourself looking at Van Gogh art prints for sale.

Today, we consider him as a genius and a master at his craft. So much so that finding Van Gogh art prints for sale in bookstores, galleries, and museums is a fairly common encounter. And yet during his time he was all but ignored by his contemporaries.

But how much do most people really know about Vincent Van Gogh? He led a life that was both sad yet interesting, one filled with struggle and intrigue, one that this article hopes to shed some light on.

So if you want to know more about Van Gogh, and possibly own a poster, print, or replica of his art, then continue reading on.

1. He Held Various Jobs Before Becoming An Artist
Before he ventured into painting and becoming an artist, Van Gogh went on several different career paths, including a school teacher, preacher, and an art dealer.

He studied for about a year in preparation for the entrance exam to the School of Theology in Amsterdam because he wanted to be a minister like his father. However, he was denied by the school because he refused to take a part of the exam that was written in Latin.

He also worked as an art dealer for his uncle’s company in The Hague, and then later on for the Groupil Gallery in London.

2. He Began Painting at the Age of 27
We often think of geniuses as having been born with exceptional intelligence and talent. And yet Van Gogh only began painting at the age of 27.

He was primarily a self-taught artist, and struggled financially. He couldn’t pay for models, and so most of his subjects were landscapes, peasants, farmers, and himself.

What’s more, to save money, he would also occasionally choose to paint over his artworks rather than buy a new canvas.

3. He Was a Very Prolific Artist
During his time, Van Gogh was a very prolific artist, dedicated to his craft. In fact, between 1881 and 1890, he was able to paint nearly 900 paintings. Self-taught though he was, he had dedicated more time and effort to practicing and developing his craft than most of us ever end up doing.

4. He Only Sold One Painting During His Lifetime
Perhaps one of the sad things about Van Gogh is that despite his being prolific, he was only able to sell one of his paintings while he still lived. This was ‘The Red Vineyard’, which was sold in Belgium seven months before his death, for a mere 400 francs.

5. His Most Famous Work “Starry Night” Was Created in an Asylum
After a nervous breakdown that he had around 1888, Van Gogh decided to check himself into an asylum at Saint-Remy-de-Provence. It was during this nervous breakdown that the incident where he cut his ear happened. Additionally, it was in this particular asylum that Van Gogh finished painting his most famous work, ‘Starry Night’.

There’s A Piece Of Van Gogh In All Of Us
Knowing all these facts about Van Gogh, surely there’s a part of us that can relate with him in some aspects of his life. Whether it’s through that pursuit of a career that will give us greater fulfillment, or the idea of starting a hobby or chasing a dream later in life, there’s a bit of Van Gogh in all of us.

That’s one reason why his work continues to resonate with us to this day. And while it would be amazing to have an original work of his hanging in our living room, settling for framed posters, postcards, or art prints is also a good way to remember his life.

If you’re looking for Van Gogh art prints for sale, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has reproductions of some of his works, and the works of other acclaimed artists, available for purchase. Check out their collection online on their website and give your home a dash of art that will certainly leave an impression.

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