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6 Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Store for Conversions [According to a BigCommerce SEO Exert]

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important digital marketing strategies you can pursue in order to grow organic traffic, and many digital marketers agree that SEO offers the best return on investment of any marketing strategy.

But you can do things that improve SEO and your website’s user experience, which will encourage conversions. These are some of the best of these, as told by a BigCommerce SEO expert.

1.Optimize your title tags and meta descriptions
Adding your target keywords to your title tags makes your pages more scannable and will give them a substantial SEO boost. This is an important feature of on-page optimization and will attract and engage more organic customers in your online store.

Writing your own meta descriptions is a good idea, too. Google is getting better at creating dynamic meta descriptions from context, but content-thin websites make it challenging for Google to auto-generate solid meta descriptions.

Writing your own meta descriptions gives you a chance to optimize for keywords and refine your “elevator pitch”: your meta descriptions can potentially be the deciding factor on whether or not a user clicks through to your website.

2.Optimize your images for page speed
Another important feature of on-page SEO and technical optimization is image size. You don’t want to add massive images to your website. Recommended sizes are below 280×1200 pixels; anything bigger will slow your website down.

You can also use a tool like TinyPNG or a plugin for BigCommerce that compresses your image sizes or offers a “lazy load” feature.

But what does image size have to do with conversions? Well, slow load speeds are a bounce machine. You need your web pages to be as fast as possible.

3.Add videos to your product pages
Adding videos at the product page level, specifically, videos that show your products in action, show how they work, or show what problems they solve, can be a huge value add.

Think of it sort of like Instagram reels, which are enticing if only because they show some movement and capture attention.

4.Make reviews visible (and encourage customers to give them)
Over 90% of online shoppers read reviews before buying. For many of them, no doubt, reviews are the determining factor in whether or not to purchase.

You want these prominent displayed on your website, preferably at the individual product page level.

There are all different sorts of plugins you can use to capture, display, and promote reviews on BigCommerce, such as Yotpo and Fera.

Some merchants report jumps in conversions of as much as 30% after displaying reviews!

5.Accept user-generated content
User-generated content is another big conversion booster. They can be reviews, submissions of images, or even videos of users interacting with your products.

Solicit these from your customers. Consider even offering something in return such as a discount or a free add-on item with a purchase.

6.Add links to “people also bought” items to maximize conversions
Finally, another way to naturally boost conversions for your BigCommerce store is to add links or tiles to products that people also bought in conjunction with the products on a specific page.

Another thing you can do for cross-selling pages is display links or tiles to products that others bought instead. That way, even if you miss out on one sale, you can capture another.

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