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How To Choose and Position Your Dining Table, According to Feng Shui

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Your dining room table will likely be the piece of furniture that takes up the most space in your dining room. It’s where you’ll likely spend a significant amount of time, sharing food and conversation.

If you want your dining room table – and your dining room, by extension – to become a harmonious space, then you might want to look to feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and practice of harmonizing individuals with their environment. Here’s how to feng shui your dining table:

Go for a Round Dining Table
In feng shui, harsh angles can have a negative impact. So-called “poison arrows” of negative energy are shot out from angles; this means that dining tables with no hard corners or angles are preferred. A round white oak dining table, such as House of Leon’s Round Topa Topa Dining Table in white oak, is a good choice. In addition to having no hard corners, round dining tables provide a sense of equality. Everyone seated at a round dining table is not more or less seated than anyone else, as opposed to a dining table where one person would be seated at the “head”.

If your dining room cannot accommodate a round dining table, then you might want to opt for an oval dining table or a dining table that has had its corners curved, like the rectangular Topa Topa white oak dining table, also from House of Leon. Both dining tables are made out of solid white oak wood and have been given a warm natural stain to both protect and showcase their natural beauty. Three protective coatings have also been applied to the tables to protect against food and liquid spills.

Choose a Dining Table That Is Big Enough for All Diners
Having a dining table that isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone that will be dining on it is the opposite of welcoming. For this reason, you should make sure that the dining table that you choose is big enough to comfortably seat everyone that will be dining on it. If the size of the dining table is non-negotiable, then you might want to change the size of your dining chairs to make sure that there’s room for everyone.

Notes on Placement and Positioning
Feng shui is all about maintaining good luck, health, and positive energies in any given space. Whenever you use your dining table for meals and entertainment, it naturally attracts these good things. To prevent them from “floating away” from the space, you’ll want to avoid positioning your dining table between two access points, whether those are doors, windows, or a combination of the two. If repositioning the dining table isn’t possible, then you may want to consider hanging wind chimes or bells over the doors or windows, or illuminating your dining table with a pendant light. Doing so redirects the flow of positive energy back into the interior of your dining room.

Another feng shui positioning tip is to avoid putting your dining table up against a wall. This gives off a feeling that additional people aren’t welcome in your dining room. Instead, float the table within your dining room so that people can sit on any side that they wish.

Finally, a huge component of good feng shui is providing everyone in the room they’re in with a sense of security and safety.

For this reason, you shouldn’t place your dining table in such a way that someone would be left with their back to a door or window. This can make that person feel unsafe, not knowing what’s going on behind them. If it isn’t possible to reposition the dining table, then you might want to hang a mirror opposite that door or window for the benefit of whoever will be sitting with their back to the access point.

By choosing and positioning your dining table according to feng shui principles, you can create a space that not only looks beautiful but also feels harmonious and balanced. With the insights above, you can transform your dining area into a sanctuary of positive energy where friends and family can gather and connect.

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