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Look for a Transmission Shop in Tucson That Offers More

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Your car’s transmission is a critical mechanical component of the vehicle that is often referenced but perhaps little understood. To take a very high-level view, the transmission is the component of your vehicle’s operation that serves as a link between the engine and the wheels. It enables the provision of just the right amount of power to the wheels at a given output from the engine (or at a given speed.)

Without an operable transmission, your car will be stuck in one gear, which effectively renders the vehicle itself inoperable. Signs of a transmission that may be going are slipping gears, the inability to easily switch gears, or even a grinding or grating sensation coming from inside or under the car. Even a check engine light may be a tip-off that something is wrong with your transmission.

Additionally, transmission repairs and service can be costly, so it’s a good idea to address them ahead of time before they become a real issue that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Common problems with a vehicle’s transmission could be caused by old, dirty, or low transmission fluid levels; but they could also be more serious, caused by worn needle roller bearings that cause the transmission’s gears to operate inefficiently. In addition to wearing, the gear teeth can deform or shear off, causing more extensive repairs.

Of course, the latter is a relatively serious problem. You may experience warning signs well in advance of developing serious issues, that if you heed, can potentially prevent them. If you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above or have a reason to suspect that your transmission is wearing or performing inadequately, it’s time to bring your car to the care of a transmission shop in Tucson.

Which, if you happen to be in that area, should be Borst Automotive. With locations conveniently situated throughout Arizona (in Mesa and Phoenix as well as Tucson, AZ) Borst Automotive will provide you with the help and peace of mind you need for your car.

Their teams of A.S.E. Certified technicians combine years of experience working on a wide range of vehicles, bringing you some of the finest expertise in the industry. However, Borst Automotive is more than just the services that they provide.

Borst Automotive has some of the highest values in business such as integrity, honesty, and dependable work. They believe not only in discovering the problem and addressing it properly, the first time around but in honest, direct communication with their customers. Not everyone is an automotive technician, and therefore not everyone understands the lingo.

When there’s a problem with your vehicle’s transmission, their team will diagnose the issue, present it plainly, and offer you a series of solutions – whatever is practical given the situation. Their insights and feedback are direct and honest, just like the work they do.

If your car or truck is having issues that you suspect may be attributable to the failing performance of your transmission, don’t leave the vehicle’s fate to chance. Until you have the care brought in for auto service, you won’t know whether you need a basic service or a more complete repair rebuilding, or even replacing the transmission.

Besides, if it wasn’t the transmission causing the problem, Borst Automotive’s team will get to the bottom of it. They’re not just a transmission shop in Tucson; they also offer basic services for oil changes and alignments along with comprehensive bumper-to-bumper services in their repair shops. They’ve also been trusted in the surrounding areas for auto repair for over fifty years. In other words, if there’s an issue with your car, they’ll get to the bottom of it so you can restore your peace of mind.

Give them a call at 520-748-8861 or 520-979-3150 (they have two locations in Tucson) to schedule an appointment today – although you can also do that on their website, if that is easier for you!

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