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Top 11 Useful Mini Excavator Attachments

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Mini excavators can go where full-size excavators can’t – but like their full-size cousins, mini excavators can make short work of big jobs.

That is if you start off with the right excavator attachments – like these.

1. A bucket with cutting edges and teeth
The bucket is a classic among classic excavator attachments. Truthfully, some people probably imagine the bucket when they hear the word “excavator” to begin with.

An excavator bucket – with cutting edge and teeth – is an excellent all-purpose landscaping, construction, and demolition tool. It can be used for digging, breaking up hard earth, ripping up stumps, cutting through root systems, grading, and compacting.

2. A grading bucket
Grading buckets tend to be longer, wider, and flatter than digging buckets, and often lack teeth. All the same, their greater surface area makes them excellent tools for landscaping, moving, compacting, and grading.

3. A concrete breaker
Concrete breakers are great for demolition and road crews that need to break up old foundations, sidewalks, or asphalt before new ones can be laid. Powerful and efficient, they make short work of slabs, rocks, and other tough, impenetrable surfaces.

4. A slab grabber bucket
A slab grab bucket is like a digging bucket without the cutting edges. Instead, it has a curved edge, typically with teeth, that can be used to lift and manipulate large, wide, heavy concrete slabs. Perfect for demolition and road work.

5. A thumb
Adding a hydraulic thumb to your excavator will give it similar utility to a log-grabber or a root grapple. Thumbs allow the operator to close the bucket over debris and can be used for debris removal, clearing vegetation and stumps, moving or loading logs, and much more.

6. A trencher
Mini excavators can also be equipped with trenchers that are great for loosening tough earth, laying irrigation ditches and drains, or preparing the earth for pipes, conduits, sewer lines, and other utilities.

7. A ripper
Just about the simplest mini excavator attachment out there – it’s a spike with a slight curve and a pointed end. They can be used to scarify earth, break up tough and frozen soil, pull out stumps and tough root systems, and much more.

8. An auger
Augers are great for drilling deep, straight holes for planting trees – but they can also be used for setting fence posts, piling, signs, and preparing to lay foundations or concrete piles. They can also be used to loosen and aerate earth, as well as to grind stumps.

9. A plate compactor
Sometimes all you need is the ability to pack down recently excavated or loosened earth. Simple and straightforward, a plate compactor is the mini excavator attachment you need for these types of jobs.

10. A brush cutter
A brush cutter is the mini excavator attachment you need when the job calls for preliminary land clearing duties. Often before heavier equipment can be maneuvered into place to remove larger trees and rip stumps, a mini excavator with a brush cutter attachment is sent in to clear out the brush and undergrowth that stands in the way.

11. A log splitter
A bit of a niche attachment for mini excavators, but then again, if you’re doing forestry work with a brush cutter and harvesting trees, too, then a log splitter is a highly valuable attachment to have. They drastically slash the time it takes to split cords of wood.

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