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Why Use Calming Herbs for Dogs?

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No one wants to see their dog in a state of stress and anxiety. It is an awful experience for your pet and it happens far too often for many animals. If your dog has to deal with stress frequently or even just on occasion, you might want to start serving them some calming herbs to help ease their minds and worries.

Occasional Stress
If your dog tends to stay pretty calm and cool under most circumstances, you should consider yourself pretty lucky that your pup has a mild temperament. But even the most relaxed of our dogs will still experience some amounts of stress in their lives, particularly when they are exposed to something new that they do not feel prepared to deal with. This happens all the time to dogs, so there is no need to fret, but you will still want to know how you can help your dog in these situations. On occasion, your dog might feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening. This could be from the stress of meeting new people, going somewhere unfamiliar, or even just hearing scary sounds right from their own home like thunder, fireworks, or the vacuum cleaner. In situations like these, you can use calming herbs for dogs to get them to relax a bit and feel more at ease while you are showing them support and confidence that the environment is safe and they have no reason to be scared just as you are not scared either. You will most likely not need to do this all too often, but it is certainly a good option to have. On these odd occasions when your pet is feeling more stressed than usual, you can give them some calming herbs for dogs and help them to calm down then and there.

Help With Separation Anxiety
On the other hand, if your dog experiences stress and anxiety fairly often, you could still benefit from using calming herbs for dogs as a remedy or treatment. Many dogs unfortunately experience some degree of separation anxiety that makes them feel high levels of stress when their owners leave them, even for just a moment. This is heart-wrenching to know about as you leave the house feeling guilt over what you know your pet is feeling. There are several viable treatment options that are meant to help calm your dog down as you leave the home and keep them from feeling as stressed in the future. One method is to use calming herbs for dogs who experience separation anxiety and use this as a comforting treatment when you leave. Some owners will give their pets calming herbs before they head out the door as a way to reduce their stress off the top. Then over time, your dog may become adjusted to this feeling of being less stressed as you leave and eventually learn that they can be safe. This method has helped others before, so it could be worth a try. Generally it is always a good idea to consult your veterinarian first to make sure that your pet will be fine.

Once you feel sure that calming herbs for dogs can help you with your dear pup, you will need to know what your options are and what you should look for while shopping to make sure you are giving your dog something perfectly safe and healthy. Read the ingredients lists carefully and look for products that are made with well-researched botanical actives like California Poppy that are known for safely improving feelings of relaxation and comfort. The supplement from is a great one to look at since it features well known botanicals that are shown to reduce stress in pets. Check that one out and see if it can help your dog whenever the need arises.

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