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How to Style Your Kitchen with White Oak Counter Stools

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White oak counter stools, like the Nonna or Teddy counter stools from House of Leon, are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Timeless and natural, they bring a certain level of charm to the room that’s hard to beat. They’re also functional additions that can expand the seating capacity of the area. Here’s how to style your kitchen with these beautiful pieces of furniture:

Why Choose White Oak Counter Stools?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider white oak counter stools to adorn your kitchen island or breakfast nook. For one, white oak has a distinctive grain pattern and comes in a light, neutral color that can seamlessly blend into various design styles. Whether your kitchen is modern, rustic, or somewhere in between, they’ll look great!

White oak wood, when used in furniture, is also known for being a strong and durable material. This makes it perfect for pieces that you would expect to see a lot of use, like counter stools. Corner stools made out of white oak aren’t just pretty faces – they’re also built to last, making them a smart investment for your home.

Finally, white oak stools come in a wide variety of designs. The Nonna and Teddy white oak counter stools from House of Leon, in particular, are particularly versatile: they come in a sleek, minimalist profile that still looks soft, graceful, welcoming and inviting. Whatever decor style you choose for your kitchen, you can count on these stools to match perfectly.

Styling Tips for White Oak Counter Stools

Match with Your Countertops

One of the best ways to make sure that your white oak counter stools look great in your kitchen is to match them with your countertops. If your existing countertops are light-colored, the stools will blend in and create a look that flows cohesively. If your countertops are dark-colored, though, don’t worry! White oak stools will still provide a striking contrast that can make your kitchen pop.

Consider the Height

Stool height is crucial for both aesthetics and comfort. Make sure your stools are the right height for your counter. Standard counter heights are about 36 inches, so stools around 24-26 inches are usually perfect. House of Leon’s Nonna and Teddy white oak counter stools have seat heights of 25 inches, striking that sweet spot. This makes them comfortable for sitting.

Play with Textures

White oak’s natural texture can add depth to your kitchen design. Pairing these stools with smooth, glossy surfaces like marble or quartz countertops can create a beautiful contrast. Alternatively, combining them with other natural materials like stone or brick can enhance a rustic, earthy vibe.

Creating a Cohesive Look

Coordinating with Other Wooden Elements

If you have other wooden elements in your kitchen, like cabinets or a dining table, try to coordinate the tones. White oak is versatile and can pair well with both lighter and darker woods. This coordination can help create a harmonious and unified look throughout your kitchen.

Incorporate Greenery

Bringing in some greenery can enhance the natural feel of white oak. Place potted plants or fresh herbs on the counter or nearby shelves. The natural wood and vibrant green plants will make your kitchen feel fresh and inviting.

Order White Oak Counter Stools from House of Leon Today

Gracefully elegant, durable, and practical, white oak counter stools can be the addition to your kitchen island, bar, or breakfast nook that you didn’t know you needed.

The best place to get them is House of Leon – their Teddy counter stool is upholstered in acrylic boucle fabric, while their Nonna counter stool makes use of soft woven jute for the seat. Visit the House of Leon website to order your counter stools today.

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