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17 Useful RV Accessories

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Once you leave home, you’re going to have to rely on what you brought along for the trip until you can resupply. When you’re in camp, sometimes resupplying is easier said than done. Stock up on these useful RV accessories.

1. Drinking water hoses – Don’t just bring one, since you can’t mix drinking water and wastewater hoses; make sure you have a spare.

2. RV sewer hoses – The same thing applies here. Bring along a spare sewer hose for managing wastewater, just in case your primary hose fails. Stock up on RV toilet paper, too.

3. Surge protector (or better, an EMS) – A surge protector will protect your RV’s electrical system and the appliances within from power surges and spikes. Better yet, an EMS, or Electrical Management System, will protect against both high and low voltages.

4. Leveling blocks or jacks (and jack pads and levels) – Unless your RV has its leveling system, you’ll want to invest in leveling blocks or leveling jacks to maintain a stable, level surface. You’ll also want jack pads to provide a sure footing and to prevent the jack feet from sinking into the ground, as well as a level to double-check your handiwork.

5. TPMS – Properly inflated tires provide safer handling and improve fuel economy. A TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, will help you keep on top of issues associated with pressure and temperature.

6. Holding tank treatments and accessories – Keep some spare holding tank treatment on hand, just in case you’re dealing with unpleasant odors on your next road trip.

7. Water filters or softeners – A water filter can improve the quality of water available to you while camping; a water softener can remove dissolved minerals that cause scale and can damage your RV’s plumbing and fixtures.

8. A generator – Whether it burns gasoline or uses solar panels, a generator can provide you with some emergency power if the lights go out.

9. Cell phone signal booster – Stuck in the outdoors, camping without a cell signal? A signal booster can solve that!

10. Water pressure regulator – Hose connections at RV parks can subject your camper to high water pressures that can damage the plumbing and fixtures; a water pressure regulator will keep them safe.

11. RV roof tape – High-quality roof tape will bond to nearly any surface and is resistant to the elements. Best of all, it’ll solve a leak in a pinch.

12. Portable air compressors – When you’re in camp and the tire pressure is low, you need a remedy.

13. Firestarters and flashlights – Needs no explanation. You need to be able to make a fire and have a redundant light source.

14. A camping mat – Will help you prevent dirt from being tracked through the interior of your RV.

15. A set of tools – You never know what will break, or when!

16. (If you tow) Towing mirrors or mirror extenders – These will add additional visibility to your towing vehicle and are especially useful for towing a travel trailer.

17. Organizers (there’s more than one type!) – Space comes at a premium in a camper, and camping accessories that will save you space are well worth the price. There are organizers you designate for towels, clothes, plates, cookware, and more, which can save you space in RV kitchens, closets, and elsewhere.

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