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Axle Repair Near Me You Can Trust

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Owning and operating a vehicle is something that most people get to experience. If you don’t have access to public transportation, then most people opt-in for a car as their mode of transportation. Even in cities where public transportation is widely available, people still prefer to use cars before their convenience and ability to take you places you would have trouble getting to without it.

All in all, cars are a basic necessity to many people. It can be a very exciting time when you finally can own your vehicle. The amount of freedom a car allows is astounding; allowing anyone to drive around wherever they want, whenever they want. But, many people tend to forget that when they hop into the driver’s seat, that they are actively maneuvering a heavy machine.

Constant driving can put you into a routine and sometimes it’s easy to forget that your car needs a routine, too. Your car runs on a tight schedule, only altered by how you take care of it and how often you drive it around.

To keep your car on that routine schedule, you must make sure to get it properly maintained and repaired when needed. Although taking your car to the shop may seem inconvenient and costly, it’s essential to make sure you and your car are heading to your destinations safe and sound.

Some repairs are more serious than others. Sure, there’s the routine oil change, tire change, or inspections, but other parts of your car, like the axle, are pertinent for the car’s overall function.

So, to look out for potential issues, learn the ways to know if something is wrong with your car’s axle.

What to Look For
First off, it’s important to know what an axle does for your car. The piece of equipment consists of rods or metal poles that connect to the drive wheels of your car. Axels then transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. As an axle turns, the wheels go around. If you have a broken axle, your wheels will not move.

Axles also help hold the weight of your passengers and anything else in the car. It’s uncommon for an axle to break without major damage. This can happen if you run into a large pothole or have inadequate carrier bearings.

So, axles are very important to the entire inner workings of your car. Here’s a list of things to look out for in a damaged axle.

1. Vibrations
Let’s say you run into a pothole that was deeper than you expected. If your car starts to vibrate more than usual and you can now hear a rumbling sound coming from the bottom of your car, that’s no good. If you notice unusual vibrations while accelerating, turning, or even slowing down, your axle might need to be replaced.

2. Car Stays Put
3. Clicking or clacking noise when turning your steering wheel to left or right

This might be pretty indicative of something being wrong with your car, but if you turn on your car like normal, the engine sounds normal, and you put it into drive with a broken axle, you might not be going anywhere at that moment. A broken axle means your wheels can’t turn, so it’s best to search “axle repair near me,” and fast.

If you are running into any axle problems, come to Borst Automotive to see if you need an apple replacement. We are a leading auto repair shop in Arizona and we are here to help. With trusted technicians and reliable service, you can trust that your car will be running smoothly after we have our hands on it.

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