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Introducing the 921 XPR LED Light Bulb for Trucks

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Replacing your stock lighting with LED light bulbs for trucks is a fairly attractive prospect. The more you learn about it, the more the prospective benefits keep rolling in. Among other strengths, LED lights are longer lasting than all other forms of lighting, they are more reliable, they reach their full brightness more quickly, and they even draw less power. When you choose the right bulbs, you can even enjoy better light output as well as better resistance to corrosion, moisture and vibration.

While this will require you to do your homework, choosing the right LED light bulbs for trucks to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and to secure these benefits, after selection and installation, the effects of the upgrade will be immediate.

The 921 XPR LED Light Bulbs, recently released by Diode Dynamics, serve as a direct replacement for factory incandescent 921 size lights. Not only does this replacement provide a significant increase in light output over the factory model, but it has become a popular replacement for backup lights as well as cargo lights, trunk lights and third brake lights.

The 921 XPR LED replacement light bulbs are made with 16 high-power LED lights arranged on all four sides, for excellent lighting directionality. The initial output of the lights is 1,600 lumens, which stabilizes to 720 lumens. Contrasting this with the stock incandescent light output of somewhere between 200 and 300 doesn’t even require the use of a visual aid to drive the point home. The 921 XPR replacement lights are much brighter.

In addition, installation is easy. Truth be told, it could hardly be easy. These super bright LED light bulbs for trucks are plug and play replacements for the stock lights they are intended to replace (for a full list of suitable replacements, please visit to learn more). Simply pop out the old light you intend to replace and plug in the new ones.

Since they’re plug-and-play replacements, you don’t need to do any extensive rewiring or replace fittings. Just plug in the new light, test it to make sure it works, and you’re good to enjoy the benefits of brighter, more reliable lighting.

These LED bulbs feature constant-current circuitry, which means that they will last for many years with no flickering or failure. These LED lights also come with Diode Dynamics’ industry leading warranty, at three years, and their customer and technical support are excellent.

If you’re tired of vehicle lighting that lasts for a thousand hours or so before needing to be replaced, and doesn’t provide the color temperature or focus that you’d like to see, it might be time to make an upgrade. With the ability to replace your stock bulbs with a plug and play solution, it’s high time to make the switch.

You can learn more about these LED replacements along with other replacements for standard halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs at There, you can also learn more about their light bars and other functional and accent LED lighting. Visit their website listed above or contact them by phone or email at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected] today.

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