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The Importance of Car Detailing and How It Could Increase Your Vehicle’s Value

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Getting your car detailed means a spic-and-span quality cleaning of your ride using car shampoo detailing products and other tools. Usually, a good detailer will also do a few cosmetic touch-ups here and there. Car detailing requires thorough cleaning and rejuvenating the interior and exterior of the vehicle. This involves removing the scratches on the paintwork, even removal of acid spots to make the car looking and smelling like almost brand new.

For an ordinary car wash, you’ll be able to get the dirt off on the exterior part of your car, and if you clean the interior you might get some of the muck with a vacuum, but with car detailing, this takes the whole process much further.

Steps in Auto Detailing
A car detailing has two main phases: interior and exterior thorough detailing.

Exterior Car Detailing
To start off, the car is washed with the best car shampoo detailing product while exhaustively spraying the car with water. The detailer then proceeds to use special brushes and other concentrated wheel cleaning products as the wheels are generally the dirtiest parts of the car. After drying off the exterior part of the car with microfiber towels, the detailer then proceeds to polish the paintwork using a polishing machine to get rid of light scratches, acid spots, and oxidation.

Ultimately, the exterior paintwork is waxed with top-quality carnauba wax, the wax will also serve as a protective layer of the paint to preserve its nice and slick detailed job. The rest of the exterior parts like the windows and other minute detail are then cleaned and polished carefully not to leave any watermarks.

Interior Car Detailing
This is the most intensive part of the whole car detailing process. The interior part of the car is thoroughly cleaned from stem to stern by vacuuming and shampooing the upholstery with a high caliber car shampoo detailing product to removing muck and stains. Car seat covers are taken off and brought to the laundry shop to be washed and dried, and if the car has leatherwork, it’s often cleaned using a rushing the leather cleaner gently onto the leatherwork to lift the dirt and oil stuck into the leather.

Clean the Engine Bay
This step is highly important to the whole care detailing process. By having the car engine bay cleaned, the detailer will be able to see any problems that the engine has and maybe even prevent future engine issues to happen.

Benefits of Getting Your Car Detailed
Keeping your car clean and in good condition will help maintain the value of your car or even bring it back to its brand-new look which is ultimately helpful if you’re looking to sell or have it traded in with another model. A perfect car detailing could even increase your vehicle’s resale value by 15% if you’re a meticulous owner who frequently brings the car to get detailed. Another benefit is the added defense against environmental factors especially oxidation and acid spots.

If you’re decided to bring your car to get detailed, always request a good car shampoo detailing product. If they don’t have what you like, they can always have one from Produxa and have them check out their website produxa.com, they also have a wide selection of efficient cleaning products to choose from.

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