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The Benefits of Honey Lip Balm

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Honey is in such abundance around the world, that sometimes, beekeepers and honey lovers have to get creative with how they can fully utilize honey, beeswax, honeycomb, and other things that are produced by those busy bees. For many years, even historically, honey has been used for many different purposes other than sweetening your morning tea. Honey is a very versatile and useful product of the earth and can be used in so many different ways.

Honeybees are actually very interesting creatures and are not just to be swatted away when they buzz by your outdoor picnic. The insects create one of the most useful products in the world. Honey. The actual process of how honeybees make honey allows it to be used in many ways; culinarily and cosmetically.

Recently, the skincare industry has been utilizing honey as a powerful ingredient in their products, and for good reason too. Raw, unpasteurized honey is the best type of honey that can be applied to the face and lips because of its antibacterial and anti-aging properties. Raw honey has been reported to help reduce the bacteria on the face, which in turn helps reduce facial acne.

Honey can also speed up the healing process with your skin cells, which can aid in the healing of acne breakouts and eczema flare-ups. Honey is a very unique product that can also be used as a natural exfoliator, which removes dead, dull skin cells and reveals fresh, bright skin after use.

When it comes to your lips, you need to treat your lips just as well as your face. Using honey on your lips could prove as a good natural moisturizer and protectant, and could be very tasty, as well. However, smothered raw honey on your lips every day doesn’t seem the most practical given its gooey and sticky texture.

To receive all the benefits of honey for your face and your lips, you need to invest in some high-quality honey lip balm to get the job done.

Why Honey Lip Balm?
Honey lip balm is the best way to get all the benefits of honey, without the mess. Plus, most lip balms made with honey come in amazing scents and flavors, so you can always have your lips looking and tasting amazing.

But, before purchasing any typical lip balm, you should find a company that is dedicated to producing the best honey and honey products. You need a company that knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to honey and is experienced. That company has got to be Savannah Bee Company.

For many years, Savannah Bee Company has been producing and curating the highest quality of honey products and shows no signs of stopping. There, you can find all of the lip balms you could ever need. Their lip balms are made primarily from beeswax, which also holds the same benefits as honey.

Find great flavors like honey almond, rosemary lavender, and even salted caramel. Check them out at

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