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3 Professional Name Tags for Nurses to Know About

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As you try to find professional name tags for nurses at your place of work, you will want to learn what options are available and which ones are better for your staff. To help make this decision making process easier for you, let’s go over a few types of professional name tags for nurses that are all great options, but for different reasons. Each one is distinct from the last, so once you learn more about what each type of name tag has to offer, you will be able to single out the best kind for your staff to wear on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at some excellent options for name tags that are all easy to customize for what you need.

1. Photo ID Badges
Photo ID name tags are perfect professional name tags for nurses when you want something that feels very personal and unique. With the right design, you may find this option works incredibly well around children since photo ID badges give you so much room for customization and personalization. You can design the ones you use to feature a pleasant design that children will enjoy, including bright colors and playful details like tiny illustrations of bandages or hearts. You have a good amount of room to work with for this type of name tag, so have some fun with the design aspect of it. It should display the nurse’s name and title at the facility, possibly along with an identifying barcode scan, but aside from that, the choices are nearly endless. Create a design that gives off the impression you want to have for your patients and you can have that noticeably displayed on the name tags of all your nurses.

2. Plastic or Metal Name Tags
Both plastic and metal permanent name tags are great for any kind of workplace. They are simple and subtle details to add to a work uniform, but still get the message across quickly. These options are good to choose if you are looking for a more minimal design that is mainly meant to provide the nurse’s name quickly to the guests at a glance. Although they are smaller than photo identification tags are, they still come with options for customization, so you can create a name tag that is on brand for the facility and attractive to the eye.

3. Reusable Name Tags
Reusable metal name tags are fantastic to have as long-term investments for a facility. These are wonderful and professional name tags for nurses because of their appearance and flexibility. Like the previously mentioned options for name tags, these ones are able to be custom designed for your place of work, so you can create the style that you want, as simple or detailed as that may be. The fact that these are reusable makes them great for use over time as staff changes or their positions in the workplace change. You will be able to easily replace the tag inside of these badges with new information and have them serving you for years.

Just to summarize, we have reusable and permanent options for name tags, and photo identification badges, all lined up as great options for professional name tags for nurses. Seeing as they all bring something different to the table, you can focus on the traits you are looking for and narrow down your options to the one that best fits your needs. Remember that each option here is customizable and can be adjusted to the design you may have in mind. You can further explore your options for name tags at imprintplus.com where they carry a variety of customizable name tags and badges for professional environments. See what they have to offer and design your new set of name tags for nurses

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