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3 Reasons You Should Consider a Mini Tower Gaming PC

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If you’re into PC gaming, you know how important it is to have a high-quality gaming rig. Although you can play some older titles and less resource-intensive games on typical office PCs, they simply don’t have the hardware that will allow you to play most of the games you want.

While there are certainly quite a few great options when it comes to selecting an ideal PC for your needs, you may want to think about buying a mini tower gaming PC, especially if you prefer flexibility.

Far More Portable
The first point that is worth mentioning about these kinds of gaming PCs is the small form factor. If you are new to the world of PC gaming, you might assume that the only way to get enough performance is to purchase some kind of beastly tower that weighs a ton and that takes up half of your desk space.

The truth is that depending on where you get your PC built, you have far more options in terms of case size. PCs with smaller form factors are actually quite popular, especially in the competitive gaming world.

Consider how easy it is to unplug your console and take it to a friend’s house or to a party in order to play at a different location? Doing this with a normal mid-tower or full-sized PC might be a bit cumbersome, to say the least. A mini tower gaming PC is ideally suited for portability, which means that you can easily pack up your computer and take it with you to gaming events and conventions, or simply to your friend’s house if need be.

The Performance You Want
Still worried about the kind of performance you would get with a smaller gaming PC? Don’t be.

It all comes down to where you actually get your gaming PC from and if it is designed with the proper specs. Mini towers are actually quite common in competitive gaming circles, so that should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of performance you can expect. The only difference when it comes to putting together a high-performance mini PC is in the design of the tower itself, the cooling options that are available, and the wire management.

A smaller case leaves fewer options for certain component configurations and various methods of cooling. However, in the hands of a professional team of gaming PC experts, you can still come away with an impressive rig that has the small form factor you are looking for yet still packs the kind of performance punch you need to play today’s hottest AAA titles.

Still Room For Customizations and Upgrades
Another point worth noting about mini tower gaming PCs is that there is still room for expansions and upgrades down the road, which is one of the reasons why you would want to purchase one of these computers versus a gaming laptop, for instance. The portability is still there yet you get the added benefit of being able to swap out your GPU or RAM at a later date in order to improve your computer’s performance.

No matter which kind of gaming computer you have in mind to buy, the best place to do so is at CLX. They specialize in crafting high-performance gaming PCs in a variety of sizes, including smaller PCs with the kind of portability that might interest you. If you want all of the power of a typical gaming PC along with a sleek form factor, their CLX Scarab is just what you need. Take a look at their online store today and you will immediately see why they are the best choice when it comes to powerful gaming rigs.

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