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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary Land Surveyors

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For anyone trying to find a land surveyor in Calgary, there are several questions that pop into their heads.

What do land surveyors in Calgary cost? How do they work? What’s the process?

All these questions are quite natural and should actually be asked by the concerned surveyor before the project moves further. This can reduce the scope of any kind of miscommunication that might take place between the client and the Calgary land surveyors.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions to know Calgary land surveyors better.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary Land Surveyors
Many land owners and business owners are generally quite confused about Calgary land surveyors and about their services. So, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Calgary’s land surveyors and land surveys.

1. What does a land surveyor usually do?
A land surveyor in Calgary has the responsibility of measuring and mapping land and property boundaries. These surveyors use specialized equipment such as total stations, GPS receivers, and drones to accurately figure out the location and dimensions of property lines, buildings, and other features on a piece of land.

2. What does a Calgary land survey usually cost?
The cost of conducting a land survey in Calgary depends primarily on the size of the property, the type of survey needed, and the complexity of the entire project. Clients can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a simple boundary or property line survey to thousands of dollars for a more complex survey such as a topographic survey or construction survey, with a higher degree of requirement.

3. How to choose a land surveyor in Calgary?
Choosing a land surveyor in Calgary can be a difficult task for someone who doesn’t deal with them on a daily basis. However, there are a few simple things to keep in mind when bringing a land surveyor on board.

The land surveyor coming on board should be licensed, and have the necessary affiliations. Moreover, they should have a list of projects that they have done in the past, which showcases their expertise. Finally, the surveyor should have years of experience behind them so that the clients know what to expect from them.

4. What is the process of conducting a land survey in Calgary?
The most straightforward process for getting a land survey in Calgary involves the following steps. However, this can vary from one land survey project to another.

a) Land surveyors first determine the type of survey the client needs and gather any necessary documents including property deeds or building plans.

b) The surveyor will visit the client’s property to take measurements and gather other data using specialized data-gathering and surveying equipment.

c) The surveyor will analyze the data and create a map or report of the property, which may include information about property lines, buildings, and other features.

d) The surveyor finally provides the final survey report or map to the clients and gets it approved by the local government if required.

5. Is a land survey required before building on a property?

Conclusion: Find The Right Land Surveyor in Calgary
Finding a land surveyor in Calgary might not be difficult. However, finding the right one might be.

So, when looking for a land surveyor in Calgary, it is important to find a team of surveyors that are not only adept with the kind of work they do, but are also quite well-versed with the latest updates in the surveying industries.

One such organization is Core Geomatics. Since 2009, Core Geomatics has worked towards generating the best results for their clients and delivering projects that stand up to the expectations of their clients. They are associated with some of the best industry bodies, including the Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today to understand more about their areas of service and more.

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