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6 Things You Should Expect from Your Badge Printing Service Provider

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So you’re looking for a new provider of badge printing services. Maybe you need some new custom ID cards or photo ID badges. Perhaps you’re looking for new custom printed business signage for your office or for use at special corporate events.

Whatever the case, here are six things you should expect from your provider of badges and other business signage, which, incidentally, you’ll find at Imprint Plus.

1. Lots of options in materials and design

So many printing services offer only a few different choices in size, styling, color and materials, and call their products “custom” badges. Imprint Plus wrote the book on quality and options, and provides high-quality, reusable badges and recyclable signage in a variety of high quality materials. Nothing says quality like a metal employee ID badge!

2. The ability to allow you to design your own custom badges

In addition to the range of printing and production options that Imprint Plus offers its customers as a matter of course, they also give you the ability to design your own. The best part is they have design tools right on their website, with plenty of attractive free options and templates to get you started.

3. High quality materials and badges that can be reused again and again

Durability is a thing that seems to have gone by the wayside in our modern consumer culture, but Imprint Plus never purchases a ticket for that ride. Many of the high quality badges they produce can be reused over and over again! It saves you money and even has the potential to create a more polished, professional image for your business!

4. The ability to produce other professional signage

While today your focus might be on high-quality plastic card printing, tomorrow your focus might be on permanent metal signs for your business – whatever industry it’s in. Specialization is valuable, but Imprint Plus doesn’t just do name badges. They do it all; whatever type of signage or indication you need, there’s a great chance their team can help you out.

5. A commitment to sustainability

It’s also nice to know that the provider you choose to work with employs sustainable practices. It’s not just the best thing for the environment and for the Earth, but it helps to ensure that they’ll be able to continue serving you long into the future. All of Imprint Plus’s practices are geared toward sustainability – they even use recycled paper packaging and vegetable-based inks where possible.

6. Excellent customer service

Finally, if there’s one more thing you should expect from a badge printing service provider, it’s a better than average commitment to customer service. In this age of automation and cost-cutting, finding quality customer service is a real trip. It shouldn’t be, and it doesn’t have to be – just get in touch with Imprint Plus to find out.

You can get in touch with them on their website at, where you can engage them in a live chat, although you can also call them at 800-563-2464 if you prefer. In the meantime, see what they’re all about on social media – check out their LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube channels to learn more!

For more information about Reusable Staff Badges and Social Distancing Signs Please visit : Imprint Plus.

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