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A Look at Online Carbide Chamfer Mills

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When it comes to milling tools, chamfer mills are incredibly useful little cutters that often get overlooked. While they are not the tool that you reach for when starting a new project, they are still an important tool in the milling industry. Today we’ll be taking a look at the American made Chamfer cutters available from Online Carbide and how they can be utilized in your shop.

Online Carbide is an American tool manufacturer specializing in carbide milling cutters. Their inventory includes a wide range of high performance end mills and drill bits made from solid carbide. Due to its ceramic and metal composite nature, tool carbide is incredibly rigid and holds its edges well, especially under high speed and high heat conditions.

On the Online Carbide website, you will find a handful of high quality chamfer end mills. Chamfer mills are relatively simple tools with a straight shank terminating in a small pointed cutting surface. These points contain four cutting flutes and they are designed to perform a wide range of important tasks at the end of the machining process.

When you have completed the bulk of your material removal, most of the edges on your workpiece will probably be hard 90 degree angles. Chamfering is the process of softening these hard edges by creating an intermediate plane where the two sides of the corner meet. This helps to make the final workpiece easier to handle and help to remove any burrs along the edges of your piece. This process is often confused with beveling, which involves removing material to change the angle at which two sides meet. A chamfer cutter can be used to complete both of these tasks with ease.

In addition to chamfering and beveling, these tools can be used for a wide range of other finishing tasks. Their short length and sharp points make them ideal for handling precision milling operations. As we mentioned earlier, the process of chamfering can help to remove burrs from a workpiece. In addition to this, the point of a chamfer mill can trace along the finished edges of a piece to remove burrs without adding a chamfer to the edges of your workpiece. You can also use the point on a chamfer cutter to perform a wide range of other finely detailed tasks such as engraving details of your workpiece.

You can order quality American made chamfer mills by visiting Like all of their tools, these cutters are made from solid micrograin tungsten carbide tool stock precision ground using 5 axis grinders. They have ¼”, ⅜”, and ½” chamfer cutters with both 60 degree and 90 degree point angles. As an added bonus, all of their tools are available at manufacturer direct prices so you can save big on the tools you need for your shop. If you have any questions about any of their tools, feel free to reach out to a member of the Online Carbide team by sending an email to [email protected].

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