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A Rifle Grip Can Improve Accuracy and Combat Shooter Fatigue: Here’s How

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Firearm grips have come a long way from the straight stocks of early muzzleloaders that could hardly have been called stocks or grips at all except by those who exhibited flamboyant poetic license.

Today, there are modern rifle grips that push the limits of engineering, ergonomics, and anatomical accommodation.

Most importantly, this is neither hype nor marketing. A quality rifle grip upgrade for your gun can fight shooter fatigue and potentially even help you improve your accuracy.

Consider the Penguin Precision Rifle Grip, available online at Anarchy Outdoors via the previous link.

This rifle grip is compatible with any rifle chassis or AR-style precision rifle that has a 45° safety selector switch and is the product of tireless research and testing.

It is manufactured in the United States by military veterans, and features a unique design and grip geometry that allow you to situate your rifle, even when shooting from unorthodox or uncomfortable positions.

It also features a unique, carefully engineered shelf design that allows for direct alignment with the index finger and thumb.

This shelf situates your trigger finger so that it contacts the trigger at 90° while keeping your thumb in line with the rifle.

This prevents untoward forces from torquing either your hand or the gun, keeping your trigger finger in line, and delivering precision and accuracy at the pinpoint moment when it counts.

It also prevents the pulse in your thumb from interfering with the harmonics of the rifle, which can impact accuracy, especially on long-distance shots.

The Penguin Grip also features a flat grip and a true thumb rest, both of which minimize shooter fatigue and enhance comfort during long hours of range training or competition.

Its design incorporates an ergonomic palm swell that allows for greater control and manipulation of the rifle.

There is also a shelf at the bottom of the grip that enables you to rest your hand in a ready position without having to grip the gun.

These grips are available in several colors and are manufactured from extremely durable, extremely strong, lightweight nylon, making them suitable for service in the most inhospitable of conditions.

It is specially designed for both gas guns, like the AR-15, as well as for bolt-action precision rifles. It improves the ergonomics and handling of both and is available in both left and right-handed configurations.

The Penguin is only one of the options in Anarchy Outdoor’s line of Precision Rifle Grips, alongside the Emperor and Tuxedo. They also carry a wide range of Ergo Grips for popular rifle platforms.

All of them deliver unparalleled ergonomics, comfort, and functionality that can improve your experience at the range, combat fatigue, and assist you in your goal of shooting tighter groups.

Upgrade your trigger and add a muzzle brake if you want. But don’t overlook the impact that an ergonomic, purpose-engineered rifle grip can have on your accuracy.

To learn more about the uniquely engineered, leading rifle grips available online at Anarchy Outdoors, visit the previous link or get in touch with them directly at 833-980-0333.

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