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About a Quality Magpul Ruger American Stock

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Ruger’s American Rifle is not new, but it has been extensively reviewed, and as an entry-level centerfire rifle at a surprisingly (nearly shockingly) low price point, it offers a lot more than you think you’d get (or could justifiably expect) for that price.

It’s been reviewed by several high-profile outdoor publications and bloggers, like Ron Spomer and Outdoor Life, and all have had largely positive things to say about it. It’s accurate, it’s reliable, it’s smooth shooting – and what more could you ask from a budget rifle?

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some other higher-end rifles, but at this price point, who cares?

There’s just one thing. The stock. Ruger’s is decent, but Magpul’s Hunter American stock replacement is better, and a true drop-in solution.

Here’s what you should know about this Magpul Ruger American stock.

What This Magpul Ruger American Stock Offers Hunters and Target Shooters
One thing about the American is that, unlike the American Rimfire, it is not configured from the manufacturer with an option for a wooden stock.

This is a good thing, but the Magpul Ruger American stock in question is still an upgrade. It is made from high-strength, reinforced polymer that will not absorb moisture or change drastically in dimension as a result of temperature shifts, preventing a wandering zero that could occur as a result.

The high-strength steel recoil lugs are another nice upgrade, as they are exceptionally strong – another upgrade in terms of performance.

It is also made with a type III hard anodized aluminum bedding block, which is not only strong and lightweight, but also corrosion-resistant, for a long and reliable operational lifespan. That is, it’s not a stock you’ll have to replace anytime soon.

Another big upgrade that comes along with this stock, and which represents a substantial improvement over the stock model (excuse the pun) is the presence of several M-LOK slots along the forend, on the sides and bottom of the stock.

These M-LOK slots revolutionize the utility of the Ruger American, making it a snap to add rifle furniture including but not limited to sling mounts, bipods, lights, and other shooting attachments. (It also features dimpled drill points for compatibility with standard QD swivels.)

This Magpul Ruger American stock is also built for adjustability. It is fully adjustable for length of pull, and the stock comes pre-fitted with a 0.25” riser, along with .00”, .5”, and .75” cheek risers for the comb, giving you easy ability to customize the rifle to your dimensions for perfect comfort, eye relief, and of course, the accuracy that goes with them.

Naturally, it offers compatibility with the American’s bolt-action magwell, but it is also compatible with PMAG 5 7.62 AC magazines, if you run those in your Ruger American.

It’s compatible with Ruger American short-action rifles up to medium palma – so if your rifle meets these prerequisites, this stock replacement should work for you.

One last note about this Magpul Ruger American stock. It’s available in several colors, including black, FDE, OD green, and gray, so there’s definitely a color that works for your discipline, whether it’s hunting or competition shooting.

Where Can You Get This Magpul Stock?
Does this Magpul Ruger American stock represent an upgrade to your current RAR? Probably, but it depends how you’ve customized the rifle so far.

If you still need a stock replacement and you’re looking for something that’s just better, consider this Magpul stock replacement.

It’s built for easy compatibility, surprising expandability and adjustability, and is readily compatible with a wide range of different Ruger American Rifles.

For more information on this Magpul stock, especially if you want to know more before buying, get in touch with Anarchy Outdoors via their website or call them directly at 833-980-0333.

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