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Add a 1907 Sling to Your Rifle and Complete the Picture

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The Winchester Model 1907 Rifle might not have the same repute as the slightly more legendary M1903 Springfield Rifle, but it was widely used to great effect throughout the First World War, which has cemented its place in the annals of history, if nothing else has.

It’s probable that the historical prevalence and utilization of the rifle has been due in no small part to its prolonged popularity, but even so, it is a useful blowback rifle with a dependable action. It’s also coupled with the 351SL, which is far superior, ballistically, than the .30 Carbine cartridge. So you might not be able to get the .351SL just anywhere, but it is a better cartridge.

At any rate, there are a lot of collectors and enthusiasts around the country and probably around the world who keep good working models of the M1907. There’s no doubt that some people make displays from non-firing replicas, whereas others may even compete with working models. At the same time, though it wouldn’t be most hunters’ first choice in a rifle, sometimes you just carry what’s in the safe. If this is it, well, then, it’s it.

The point is that there are still people who carry these rifles, even though their time on the battlefield has long since passed. For anyone that has a 1907 rifle, pride of Winchester Repeating Arms, and is reading this, consider picking up a 1907 sling if you use the rifle.

If it sits in your safe that’s one thing, or if the action is inoperable and it’s on the wall or part of a display, that’s another, but if you use it for competition or hunting or any other purpose, an M1907 sling will pay for itself pretty quickly.

First, the sling won’t get in the way, before rifles like this are rarely paired with bipods or other attachments that would make the use of them cumbersome, so even if you shoot from the prone position (say, for competition) a sandbag won’t get in the way of your sling.

What the sling will bring you is increased comfort and diminished fatigue, especially when you’re in the habit of carrying around your 1907 for hours on end. Consider a hunter who might need to carry a rifle like this for more than hours on end, perhaps even for days. Spend enough time in the woods lugging around a heavy rifle or shotgun with a wood stock and you’ll be glad if you picked up a sling for it. In this case, you’ll be wanting to outfit yourself with a 1907 sling.

Does that mean that everyone who has a 1907 rifle needs a sling? It doesn’t really, but there are a lot of uses out there whose lives would be more enjoyable if they picked one up. That’s up for the owners to decide, but let’s put it this way. Carry a shotgun or a rifle through the woods, and then do the same exercise but by the aid of a sling. You’ll be less tired, and your hands will be free to carry more gear. That’s all there is to say on the matter.

Ready to front the cost of a 1907 sling for your M1907? Many gun shops won’t have what you’re looking for, but Sarco, Inc. will. Just visit their website, to see for yourself and maybe even pick up something new for your favorite platform.

Besides, even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact them at 610-250-3960 and let them know what you’re looking for, sling or otherwise. They’ll get you what you need or point you towards a solution.

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