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An Airsoft Gear Essential Checklist

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Compiling a comprehensive list of essentials for any sport will get hair very quickly. We’ve decided to put together a list of the basics. Before an airsoft match, if you can check off the following airsoft gear, you are probably prepared. That is unless there are special proprietary rules surrounding or governing the match. You can’t hold this anonymous checklist accountable for that!
Start here, and then follow up with the organizer or moderator of the match to see if you need to make any special accommodations.

1.Gun – The first and most obvious thing you will need for an airsoft match is your airsoft gun. No explanation needed here.

2.Second gun – Alright, so really what we should have called this was a sidearm, but the point stands. You can’t really go into a match with just an AEG or an airsoft sniper rifle or a radio. You need to be prepared with a sidearm for what the match throws at you.

3.Battery or gas – That is to say, whatever makes your airsoft gun work. Some guns use gas as a propellant and others require batteries. Bring whatever you think you need, and then double it. You can keep two or three spare charged batteries and tons of gas canisters in your vest. Be prepared.

4.Spare mags – How shall we say this; you can’t reload a spent mag when you’re under fire in the middle of a match. Bring along as many loaded spare mags as you can practically carry.

5.Ammo – Even after you’ve seen to a few spare loaded mags, bring a bottle of airsoft BBs along just in case.

6.Mask – A mask is a requirement for an airsoft match because it protects your face and eyes. Don’t be without one or you won’t be able to participate.

7.Gloves – Gloves afford a better grip on your gear, protect your fingers from opposing fire, and keep your hands warm when it’s cold.

8.Good footwear – You’ll be hating the match pretty quickly if you go into it without support, warm, waterproof footwear. Make sure your boots are all of those things.

9.Vest – Don’t suppose you’d have a place to keep all of your gear if you don’t bring along a good tactical vest. Packs are nice but not as comfortable or slim; a vest will probably serve you better. That, or carry both.

10.A multi-tool or a knife – You’ll need a multi-tool or a knife more than you think you will, either to help fortify a position or to troubleshoot an issue with your airsoft gun in the field.

11.A holster or a sling – A sling, or more importantly, a holster, will give you an easy way to transport your airsoft gun(s) when you aren’t actively using them. At minimum, a holster is a must. Be ready with one.

12.Anything else you think you need – if you think you need it, you do! – Finally, if there’s something else that experience has dictated to you as a necessity, there’s a reason for that. It’s a necessity. Bring it along, even though we didn’t tell you to do so!

Now, obviously, we didn’t cover essentials like “a shirt,” because we had to assume common sense on your part at a certain point, and that’s where we drew the line. Be prepared with the essentials listed here and you’ll probably be ready for most matches.
If you’ve read this list and find your wares deficient, save yourself some time and money and visit before your next match. They have one of the largest collections of airsoft gear and guns on the internet, great prices, and an awesome shipping policy.
Check their website for what you need and if you don’t see it, contact MiR Tactical’s team at 800-581-6620. They’ll sort it out for you.

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