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Choosing Your Own Custom Name Badge Holders

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While you are getting some necessary supplies for the workplace, you will want to take some extra time and care to consider the name badges and custom name badge holders you use. These are important elements to the way the workers represent the business. Even if they are not wearing uniforms to the office, they still represent the workplace through their physical appearance as a group. The name badges people carry do not just identify them as individuals but as members of a company. As you get started seeking out new name badges and accessories, you may find that a little direction would go a long way in helping you to decide what you need to get. Here is a breakdown of the components that go into creating custom name badge holders for employees. Let’s start from the top.

What Are the Benefits
When you work with name badges for identification in the workplace, it is always a good idea to pick up some attachments to go with them. Name badge holders are great for protecting the badge from any scratches or scrapes it might encounter on its own. It is also the more convenient option since users will have the option of carrying it around their necks or wrists by the lanyard or simply in their pockets. This makes it easier for workers to present their badges to others whenever they need to. Customizing the name badges and holders adds some branding elements to the design and makes it fit into the workplace better, while also representing the company.

Choose a Name Badge
If you have not yet created a custom name badge for your workers, you will want to keep a few things in mind. Photo ID badges are great for enhancing security in the workplace by having all personnel be recognized by images on name badges they display. With these types of badges, you get many options for customization besides the name and photo alone, so you can add some subtle design details to make it more visually pleasant and appropriate for your line of work. Take your time creating the design you want for the identification badge to make sure it is properly branded for your workplace.

Choose a Holder
When it comes to the custom name badge holders themselves, there is not a great deal of options for personalizing them because they have such a defined purpose. With these items, what you really should be focusing on is quality. Look for custom name badge holders that are sturdy and durable so they can last for a long time without breaking. You should also look for smaller details that not every badge holder will have, like anti-print transfer materials that will keep the ink from the badge from transferring onto and staining the holder.

Choose a Lanyard
As you create your custom name badge holders, you will also need to choose sturdy lanyards to hold them. Since the color of the lanyard is up to you, we recommend choosing a color that fits in line with your brand’s color palette. It could also be smart to choose more than one color of lanyard to provide workers with two or three options for variety and a personal touch since they get to choose which color they prefer. It is a small detail, but a nice one to consider.

Once you are prepared to design a photo ID badge or choose your custom name badge holders, you will want a good, reliable resource that provides professional service to create these products. We can recommend you check out imprintplus.com to get these services done. They have a great amount of flexibility in their customization and always deliver on quality, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

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