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Different Options for Preacher Robes for Men and Women

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There is much more to preaching than spreading the good word to the world. In order to do your job properly, you have to dress the part. For a preacher, that means getting yourself some high quality preacher robes that you will wear over and over again for service. But for these preaching robes, there are plenty more options than one black and white set for everyone. The exact kind that you will wear for service depends on your particular denomination’s structure and your position in the church. Once you are sure of what you need to wear, then you can go and find some suitable options for yourself. Here is a quick look at some of the various preacher robes that you will encounter or even use yourself.

For Men

For those in need of non-denominational preacher robes, there are some available in white with certain details in color that would retain significance. The tippets and cassocks appear in different colors, which would relate to the meaning you need it to have for your role there at the church and for the occasion. You can choose these as you need to and stay within the confines of being not affiliated with any particular denomination.

Higher Positions
Certain positions within the church will be much more clear about the exact coordinate that you need in order to perform that role. These ones are more specific and will require you to choose the correct type of preacher robes and in the correct color. These could include different silhouettes for bishop, elder and adjutant, apostle, and overseer vestments. Although they generally keep a similar shape of a gown with a matching stole, each one has details to represent different things and to display its denomination and position.

For Women

Dresses & Sets
Women seem to have more options in this field than men do. When it comes to preaching robes, women are able to choose between traditional types of vestments and robes that are quite similar to dresses and suit sets. Women’s preaching dresses are of course quite modest with long sleeves and low hemlines. They often feature full, bell-shaped sleeves that are reminiscent of traditional clergy robes. The sets are similar but feature skirts and jackets to get across the formality of the outfit’s purpose. These also come in a range of colors for whatever the preacher might want or need.

Traditional Robes
Women might also be seen in more traditional types of preaching robes which are very similar to those of the men in the church. Largely the differences are in cut, so that they can more comfortably fit a woman’s body. You will see these preaching robes typically in black or white, often with some color for details like red, to display their position and their particular faith. You can find different types of clergy robes depending on what you need that will either skew traditional like these ones or less traditional like the preaching sets might.

As varied as all of these preacher robes are, you will have to remember that for your own purposes, only a handful of them apply to you. Once you have established what exact type of preacher robes you need for your faith and position in the church, then you can move forward and identify the ones that you need. At least you will know that you have some options to choose from, whatever the case may be, so you can find some things that will feel comfortable and last you for a good amount of time. One good place for men and women to look is for all of these robes and other garments you might need in your service.

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