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Different Treatment Options To Remedy Vaginal Dryness

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An extremely common issue in women, vaginal dryness does not always result from a medical condition or menopause. Studies show that around 17% of women between the ages 18 and 50 experience vaginal dryness and painful sex. For some people, this can be a temporary issue while in others it can affect the confidence, relationship and quality of life. Here are a few treatment options for vaginal dryness.

Different causes can bring about vaginal dryness and hence it is important to ascertain the cause in your case. It is good to consult your doctor before trying any remedies. Decrease in estrogen levels and some foods that you eat can cause vaginal dryness. Some common causes for vaginal dryness include vaginal atrophy due to falling estrogen levels, menopause, contraception, reduction of natural lubrication in the vaginal tissues, sudden drop in estrogen levels during the phase leading to menstruation, over consumption of alcohol and dehydration due to different causes.

Different treatment options for vaginal dryness

Hormone replacement therapy
Deemed as the most common treatment for vaginal dryness, this is the best option for women undergoing serious hormonal changes. This treatment is most commonly used for women suffering from menopausal and post-menopausal phase and those suffering from vaginal atrophy and vaginal lubrication. To increase the estrogen levels in the body, prescriptions might ask you to resort to gels, pills, creams, and medicines.

Supplements containing GLA
One of the natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy for vaginal dryness is taking supplements that contain GLA. Some of them are Orovana evening primrose oil for vaginal dryness nigella sativa oil, and hemp oil. These are used in the form of suppositories as these oils are known for their estrogen like activity.

Vaginal dilators and pelvic physical therapy
For treating pains in the vaginal tissue for a prolonged time, pelvic floor physical therapy can work to make the atrophied muscles stronger. This is a great option to make the vaginal muscles relax and heal. Pelvic physical therapists also teach their clients how to use vaginal dilators for atrophy and relieve any kind of discomfort involved in stretching vagina.

Natural vaginal moisturizers and vulvar balm
In relieving vaginal dryness, vulvar balms bring proven remedies. They provide comfort from dryness, redness and irritation and bestow long term benefits while treating vaginal dryness. They help by rehydrating the vaginal tissues by getting absorbed into the skin and getting bonded with the vaginal lining. They work similar to the natural vaginal secretions.

Use of water-based lubricants during sex
Water based lubricants during sex can prove very helpful for women experiencing mild to extreme vaginal dryness. These remedies can relieve the discomfort and pain during sex. They help make sex more pleasurable and safe by decreasing friction. It is important to choose water-based products as oil based products can damage the protective latex found in condoms.

Take away
Vaginal dryness can be highly concerning. It is important to choose the best remedy for fast results that is free from any side effects. It is also important that you use proven and safe remedies that can give lasting cure. Orovana Primrose oil for vaginal dryness is one of the best products in the market today that is trusted by a large number of women facing vaginal dryness.

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