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Don’t Settle for A Poorly Designed Women’s Gun Holster

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Although the popular image of a gun owner might be a man, the figures regarding female gun ownership are increasing every year. Owning and possessing arms is a fundamental right, although personal reasons for exercising that right may vary. Among those who carry a concealed firearm, the most popular reason is personal protection. To carry responsibly means to be prepared and to practice situational awareness.

Although there are a growing number of women gun owners in this country, the industry has been a little slow catching up with accessories that suit them well. Many holsters, including concealed carry holsters, that are purportedly designed as holsters for women, are lacking in form and function.

Over the past several years, there have been a variety of holsters that were “designed for women” and looked credible on paper, but in reality, were impractical or unsafe. Corset holsters and holsters made of flimsy materials adorned with lace often did not sit properly on the body and did not adequately secure the firearm. Many were made with thin, low-grade materials that allowed access to the firearm or the trigger through the fabric. This is unacceptable.

While these holsters looked attractive, gained publicity and made big claims, when it came to the execution, they were wanting. Uncomfortable, unsafe, and generally low quality, they left a void in the market for a truly purpose-built women’s gun holster that made the grade.

Contrast any of these that come to your mind with Pistol Wear’s Lady Defender Concealment Holster, which was designed and driven by function. Specifically designed for the needs of women gun owners, the Lady Defender can be worn around the waist or higher up under the torso – whichever is most comfortable. It comes with a support strap, and when adjusted and worn properly, it will not shift on the body or roll. This frees it from some of the issues facing other so-called women’s holsters.

Made of high-quality, comfortable materials, this holster nearly fully-encloses the firearm while at the same time protecting it with a rigid outer wall. This protects the firearm and helps to eliminate printing which would give away the holster. The outer wall also prevents issues associated with contacting the trigger through the material of the holster. In addition, this holster is thoughtfully produced with a perspiration barrier and a breathable belt.

It is perfectly sized to accommodate subcompact handguns and will even accept many popular handguns with trigger guard mounted laser sights. It is also compatible with accessories like extra magazine pouches or ID carriers. Comfortable, practical, and secure, this holster works far better than any other comparable holsters in the industry, including some belly bands or corset style holsters that promise far more than they deliver.

Finally, as a nice touch, this holster has been accented with subtle lacing to improve its visual appeal. Other designers place aesthetics on a higher pedestal. Pistol Wear creates with function in mind and then improves with aesthetics. The two mindsets are not the same.

This type of holster brings you many of the benefits of fully-rigid holsters like Kydex holsters while uniting them with the comfort and discretion of soft holsters like belly bands. Unique and geared for performance, the Lady Defender Concealment Holster is one-of-a-kind for durability, comfort, and practicality.

This women’s gun holster is only one of a great lineup of different concealed carry holsters available at Like the Lady Defender, many of their other models are discrete, comfortable, and extremely secure. To learn more about this and their other models, visit or contact their customer service team at 1-918-289-2976.

For more information about Concealed Carry Holsters For Runners and Belly Band Holster For Running Please visit: Pistol Wear.

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