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Emerging Trends in Indian Wedding Photography Every Couple Must Know

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Indian weddings are highly known for their richness, traditions, and pulsating celebrations. During the recent years, a suite of interesting trends have crept into Indian wedding photography. Learning what have transformed this arena can help shape your discussion while contracting an Indian wedding photographer.

What has changed about Indian wedding photography

Wedding photography in India has evolved significantly by embracing new sty les, technologies and techniques. While couples plan to capture the most precious moments of their wedding, it is necessary that they stay informed of the emerging trends that are now shaping the Indian wedding photography. 

Cinematic Storytelling

Stiff smiles and posed portraits are the things of the past. Now couples are opting for a cinematic approach to wedding photography. They want every frame to tell a story. By capturing candid moments and emotions, Indian wedding photographers are incorporating several interesting elements of narrative storytelling. They are now creating visually impressing wedding albums that can feel like a blockbuster movie.

Drone Photography

Drone photography for capturing aerial shots is becoming increasingly popular in Indian wedding photography. Drones help gain a unique perspective, enabling photographers capture awesome aerial views of the wedding venue, outdoor events and ceremonies. Drone photography can capture varied elements from above including sweeping panoramas to intimate moments. So, drone photography can help add a touch of grandeur and a dramatic effect to wedding albums.

Fine Art Photography

The sophistication and elegance of fine art are inspiring couples to take interest in an artistic and stylistic approach to wedding photography. Fine art in wedding photography can refer to using creative lighting, interesting post-processing techniques, and composition in order to transform ordinary moments into works of timeless art. The result is evident in the dream like images that can evoke beauty and emotion.

Eco-Friendly Practices

This generation is becoming more environmental conscious and is seen taking an active interest in infusing sustainable and environmental friendly practices into Indian weddings. Some of the evolving eco-friendly wedding practices include green transportation, organic catering and sustainable décor. Indian wedding photographers are seen embracing these trends evident in their application of environmental friendly practices into their workflow like minimizing waste while shooting photographs, and using digital albums instead of printed ones. 

Virtual Weddings and Live Streaming

On account of social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, couples are taking an active interest in virtual weddings and live streaming of weddings. This helps them share the moments and joy of their wedding day with friends and family in an intimate fashion when they are not able to attend the wedding personally. Indian wedding photographers are increasingly adopting this trend by offering virtual photography services like virtual photo booths, live streaming of wedding, and online galleries for the guests to download the photos from anywhere. 

Take away

Indian wedding photography has evolved rapidly, characterized by changing preferences, technological developments, and societal changes. It is therefore crucial to stay abreast of these developments so that you can take informed decisions when it comes to your wedding photography. By embracing these changes in wedding photography, you can bestow a unique style, vision and personality for your Indian wedding photography.

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