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Experimenting With E Cig Juice Flavors

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It seems like many of us fall into this pattern of only allowing ourselves to enjoy the same old flavors of snacks at a time. We know what we like and we stick to that, not daring to venture out and explore new things that might become a new favorite flavor. We do not always give ourselves a chance to truly explore different flavors to see if we do or do not like them. Of course, doing so means there is a chance you will not like something, but there is also the chance that you will. And we will be so bold as to say that it is worth it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That strange little habit somehow made its way even into our preferences of e cig juice flavors. Rather than trying new vape juice flavors, some of us cling to the old favorites that we assume we cannot go wrong with. That might be a fair idea at first, but if those are the only flavors you allow yourself to enjoy, then you really are missing out. It’s about time you put down those strawberry or mint vape juices, and you picked up something completely different.

Go Against the Grain
One way to look for new e cig juice flavors to try is by going all the way against what you would normally do. Don’t just dip your toes in the water, but dive right in. Give your taste buds a shock with flavor profiles you normally would not even consider for vaping with such as tobacco flavors or fresh lemonade. You can even enjoy less common fruit flavors like mango and blueberry. They sound tasty but still are not the same three fruit flavors you have gotten used to vaping.

Choose Flavors You Like Elsewhere
Switch up your vaping experience a bit by vaping with flavors that you know you already like. This sounds counter-intuitive, but what it means is that you should vape with e cig juice flavors that you like outside of vaping. For example, if you rely on your three cups of coffee a day to keep you going, then you should try a coffee vape juice flavor. If you pour in a sweet vanilla creamer, then look at some vanilla flavors of vapes. It is just familiar enough to not be intimidating but still lets you try new flavors of vape.

Pick up a Disposable Vape Pen
Once you have an idea of what flavors you want to try, you can either purchase the vape refills for your refillable vape pen or buy them as disposable vapes. This makes it easier for you to spend less while you try out new flavors and commit less to each one you are not sure about. A disposable vape pen gives you a full experience vaping with that flavor without making it feel like it is dragging on, especially if you find you do not like one of the flavors.

You might be unsure about putting away your old e cig juice flavors, but you have so much more to gain than lose here. Let yourself get excited about trying new things and come up with a little list of vape juice flavors that you think you might like or at least want to experiment with for the sake of it. Even if you do not love everything that you try, you still get the experience of trying them out and knowing for sure how you truly feel. Just when you are feeling emboldened to shop for new flavors, you will want to know what vape juice brands carry interesting, high-quality liquid flavors. One brand you will definitely want to look at is Cyclone Pods. They have lots of unique, exciting e cig juice flavors alongside some old favorites you might recognize.

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