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Finding the Right End Mills for Sale

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The machining industry gives the machinist a variety of options when it comes to tools, materials, brands, and equipment. One of the most important and varied cutting tools are end mills. These are cutting tools that can be used in different machining processes and applications, and are described as a rotating tool that removes materials from a workpiece.

Often made of tool carbide or high speed steel, they come in different shapes and sizes, and come in different milling styles, whether solid or indexable. The cutting tip of an end mill is shaped like cylinders or balls, and can be shaped differently depending on the features you want, such as cutting angles, flutes, and point angles.

End mills are very versatile and can be used to cut through any type of material, including metals, plastic, composites, and wood. Due to this versatility and flexibility, it is a tool used in many industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and the automotive industry.

Different Types of End Mills

There are different types of end mills that can be used in many processes, and each is designed to perform a specific task in machining materials. So when you are looking for end mills for sale, look for the following:

Tapered end mills

These are used to make tapered holes or channels on a material. They are also used to create parts with a conical shape.

Drill mills

Designed for drilling and milling any material at the same time, these end mills are great for creating flat-bottomed holes and counterbores.

Square end mills

These have a square tip and are often used in general milling applications. They are used to create square bottom slots, and can also be used for creating flat surfaces.

Ball end mills

These are used for milling curved surfaces. The rounded tip helps to create rounded edges and make beveled surfaces for a 3D effect.

Roughing end mills

These types of end mills have a scalloped edge or tip and are used to remove a lot of excess materials. Often used for roughing out a workpiece, it can also be used to make a rough finish because of the large material it can remove.

Corner radius end mills

Similar to ball end mills, these also have a rounded corner on the tip and can be used for creating rounded corners. It can also be used to create fillets and parts with a rounded edge.

Chamfer end mills

These have a flat tip with angles on the sides. Used for creating beveled edges and chamfers, they can be used for creating a finished edge for any workpiece or part.

Do You Have the Right End Mills?

Whether you are new as a machinist, or have been working as one for a long while, you know that end mills are vital for any machining process. No matter the kind of material, you need to have a set of mills to complete your project.

Look for suitable end mills for sale that suit your processes, and choose the ones made of carbide so you can make the most of your cutting tools.

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