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Four Ways Electronic Cable Specialists Can Make Your Life Easier

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Even for electrical engineers, electrical wire and cable are not the most glamorous or exciting of products. Wires and cables are broadly specified to deliver on a set number of criteria, to meet a given set of standards, to perform as advertised, and to meet any given number of codes in order to ensure their compliance with relevant regulations.

With that being said, when you are responsible, or your team is responsible, for producing quality electrical work, it’s worth it to source your stock from suppliers that can make the grade. In this industry, there are a few ways that electronic cable specialists themselves can make your life easier. These are just the top four.

1. By providing a large collection of high quality, specialized wires and cables
It might not be exciting, but it’s still a fact that electrical cable specialists serve you best when they actually provide the products you need. It’s not much help if a specialist can provide you with marine electrical cables, welding cables or even armored cables if all you need is some shielded, plenum rated instrumentation cable. Flip the scenario and it doesn’t improve much. In this arena, inclusion is your ally, and the broader the spectrum of specialty products a specialist can provide you, the better. Just don’t lose sight of color-coded building wire in the meantime. You may need that, too.

2. Electronic cable specialists can offer a high level of committed customer service
Additionally, electric cable and wire specialists can provide you with a high level of customer service that can mean the difference between a product that works and a product that excels with flying colors, offering shielding and resilient insulation that is uniquely suited to a specific application. Sometimes these attributes (and others, there are many more) are not readily apparent, especially in an assortment of wires and cables that appear nearly identical but for the difference in the color of their insulation. That’s where customer service makes the difference.

Any electronic cable specialist that you can call up for help when you need it is a value you won’t even recognize until you need to capitalize on it.

3. Fast shipping on your orders
It’s not necessarily the most important thing you should be looking for in a supplier, but it adds value nonetheless. The first thing that should occupy your attention is the specifics of the products you intend to buy. They should be fully compatible with the applications to which you should apply them. That is to say, marine cable should be well protected against corrosion, PV cable should be insulated against weather and UV light, and welding cable should be tough and flexible.

After you’ve met the prerequisites requirements for quality and applicability, fast shipping is a nice bonus.

4. Quality or satisfaction guarantees – or both
Finally, if you can get some kind of quality assurance or guarantee with your purchase, it’s a nice thing to have and it enables you to shop with confidence for products that otherwise might not be well differentiated. Regardless of whether you need wire and cable assemblies for avionics systems, control panels or alarm systems, a product guarantee coupled to product assurance is a nice thing to have.

You can knock out all of these “requirements” simply by taking your business to a reliable provider of electrical cables and wires whenever you need a fresh supply. Simply shop at EWCS Wire, the aptly named Electrical Wire & Cable Specialists, whenever you need something.

Their collection is comprehensive, their quality is assured as advertised, and their customer service is top level. Call them up at 800-262-1598 if you want to learn more about their services and they’ll prove it to you.

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