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How to Add Value with ID Badge Attachments

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Your employees’ ID badges, along with their uniforms, just might make the first impression on your customers, professional partners and other visitors to your place of business. While one of the best ways to make a good mark on your customers is by customizing your name badges to reflect the value of your brand, you can heighten their appeal with some tastefully chosen ID badge attachments.

1.Wish your customers well!
With unique badge talkers such as those available online at Imprint Plus, it’s easier than ever to tack some additional, seasonal customization onto your employees’ name badges. They offer badge talkers that advertise well wishes for holidays and other special occasions. A customized fleet of badges is special enough, but you can create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers with seasonal greetings and the like.

2.Advertise employee training status or capabilities
Badge talkers are useful for more than seasonal well-wishes. You can also create a custom, personalized effect for your employees’ ID badges with respect to their station, status as in-training, or otherwise. Many of the badge talkers at imprintplus.com are also useful for advertising your employees’ abilities to converse in multiple languages, which both improves communication with your customers and the overall customer experience.

3.Better ID badge lanyards
Some businesses find it valuable to affix ID and name badges to their employees via the use of a lanyard rather than by pins or other fasteners. It is true that lanyards can be swapped in or out or changed more easily than traditional badges, they do present some risks in certain occupational settings.

The lanyards available at Imprint Plus feature a breakaway design, so that some of these occupational hazards can be minimized. They also feature anti-twist technology, so that your employees’ ID cards will face front and center. Perhaps best of all, their lanyards are made with a material that resists the growth of microbes, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, making them more suitable for service positions that have strict sanitation requirements.

4.Better name tag holders
The ID badge holders available at Imprint Plus also feature superior design. Made from EVA, they are every bit as durable and much less damaging to the environment than standard PVC name badge holders. They’re also extremely tough, sealable, and water-resistant, and on top of that, are treated with an anti-transfer coating that helps prevent the image of the badge from adhering to the inside surface of the badge holder.

5.Fasteners for unique needs
Not every employee name badge can be appropriately affixed with a pin fastener. Although these are highly reliable and afford a great attachment, they have small moving parts that can wear out over time and can fatigue a wearer’s hands when trying to manipulate the small components. Worst of all, they can damage expensive uniform fabrics when they are applied and reapplied over and over again.

However, Imprint Plus offers magnetic fasteners made with powerful, rare earth magnets that do not puncture fabrics, are easy to apply, even for individuals with motor-skill based challenges, and have no moving parts to wear out or fail.

6.Add a branded lapel pin
One more great way to enhance the effectiveness of an employee badge with ID badge attachments is by adding a branded lapel pin that gives extra color or celebrates employee achievements like length of service. It will create a more customized, branded look.

Want to learn more about these and other ID badge attachments and how you can put them to practical use for your organization? Visit imprintplus.com or follow along on their social media channels like Instagram and Facebook so you never miss out on news.

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