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How to Get the Best Cigar Prices Online

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Looking for the best cigar prices online? Shopping online for cigars can be highly rewarding, provided you have the patience to do your research and shop with the right providers.

Let’s say you enjoy a Montecristo or a Romeo Y Julieta or a Padron cigar. A quality cigar is a quality cigar, the only difference between two of the same being how they have been kept by the tobacconist. Shopping online can get you great prices on premium cigar brands including these along with Arturo Fuente, La Gloria Cubana, and any others that you could want.

To get the best prices on cigars online, keep the following in mind.

1. Know the right places to shop
The only difference between shopping online and shopping in person at a tobacco shop is that you need to be able to rely on an online seller to be sure that they’ve kept their cigars in top-notch condition. That means providing the right level of humidity, not allowing them to dry out, and shielding them from light as well.

Shopping with a reputable online cigar seller like Atlantic Cigar should put your mind at ease. They have one of the biggest collections of cigars and tobacco-related products online, and they sell all of them at great prices. They’re well-regarded for their experience and keep their cigars in the highest condition possible.

2. Be aware of free shipping deals
Another way to get the best cigar prices online is by shopping free shipping deals whenever possible. This is one of the best ways to get great deals on cigars because a lot of online cigar retailers make their bucks by collecting shipping. Score a deal for free shipping and those savings will get passed to you.

For example, at, orders that break $199 get awarded free shipping. That might sound like a lot but it isn’t really. Just shop smart, get a box or a couple of boxes, and pretty soon you’ll be knocking at the door of free shipping.

3. Shop the specials
Shopping specials are another way to get the best cigar prices online. Many retailers provide specials right on their websites, and Atlantic Cigar is no exception. You also never know what you’re going to find in their specials section, so it’s a good habit to stop by periodically so you don’t let a deal pass you by.

4. Look for cigar bundles of your favorite cigars
Shopping for cigar bundles is another way to get the best cigar prices and you don’t even need to do it online. Some cigar sellers sell bundles to pass inventory and others do it because some cigars have cosmetic blemishes that won’t affect the quality of the smoke. Don’t fall prey to prejudice. Shopping bundles are one of the best ways to get great prices on your favorite blends.

5. See if you can get a membership discount
Some retailers will also provide you with a membership discount for the privilege of signing up with them. Sometimes these aren’t the only benefits that come along with a membership. Some retailers also provide specials, subscriptions to our newsletter, and other perks.

Despite its reputation, cigar-smoking does not have to be an expensive pastime. You just need to shop smart and know where to look to get the best prices.

Visit to learn more about the cigars they offer, to learn more about their membership, or just to start saving. They sell cigars at great prices as a matter of course, so you’re likely to get a deal one way or the other. Check them out today and if you have any questions, call them at 800-877-7877.

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