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How to Make Your Own DIY Diamond Art

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If you are the type of person that is always looking for new ways to pass the down-time, you may have tried painting by numbers or cross-stitching at some point. However, there is a new and trending art form known as diamond painting that combines the greatest aspects of both of these hobbies. It is a perfect way to relax while giving you the opportunity to express yourself and create something beautiful. The best part is, it is so simple that no prior experience is needed whatsoever.

From the greatest of artists to someone that doesn’t have an artistic bone in their body, this is a fun and fulfilling activity that anyone can do. Whether you want one for yourself, or as a gift for your child, it is perfect for all ages. When it comes to diamond art there’s no better place to get your kit than from Colorelaxation.

What Is Diamond Art?

So diamond painting, or diamond art, is a combination of numbers by painting and cross-stitching that likely originated in Asia many years ago. It is a form of art that involves applying small resin diamonds to a self-adhesive canvas to create a vibrant piece of art. The entire thing is DMC-coded to give it a glittery finish. To start creating your own DIY Diamond Art all you need is a diamond painting kit.

With a diamond art painting kit, you are able to start your artwork with ease. The kit includes sorting trays, pen tools, and other accessories to help make your diamond painting as simple as possible. With an entire high-quality diamond paint kit at your fingertips, you will have everything you could ever need to be able to create colorful and dynamic works of art.

3 Reasons to Get a Diamond Painting Kit

1. It’s Relaxing

Creating a beautiful piece of art can always be a relaxing experience, but with most art forms it takes a lot of effort and talent to create something worth being proud of. The simplicity of creating diamond art allows you to do it at a leisure pace with little to no previous experience. Take a load off, read the instructions found in every kit, and allow yourself to enjoy a thoughtless process that will lead to amazing results.

2. It Makes For An Amazing Gift

If you are looking for a gift for someone, whether it be your sibling, your child, or your friend this kit can make for an amazing present for someone who likes to create art. If YOU are the person in your life that likes creating artwork then gift then get the kit and make them some beautiful diamond art. No gift is better than something than a do-it-yourself project that you put thought and time into. Choose the picture that means something to both of you through a simple arts and crafts project you can create a beautiful piece of home decor.

3. The Possibilities Are Endless

In the world of diamond art, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. Colorelaxation offers so many different kit options to satisfy anyone’s needs. If you need a themed kit to create a picture for a holiday like Christmas or Halloween, there are options available like that. If you are into fantasy and adventure they have dragon kits and fairy kits that are absolutely out of this world.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for yourself or another, Colorelaxation is by far the best place to get your diamond art kit if you are shopping online. Their website,, has only the highest quality diamond painting kids for all of your DIY diamond art needs.

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