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How to perfect the teacher – parent communication in a preschool set up

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Though the relationships that the child forms with its peers and teachers at school is an important thing, very few schools understand the fact that perfecting the parent – teacher relationship in a school set up can be highly helpful in furthering many things connected with the goals of the school. A good teacher – student relationship can surprisingly impact the learning process of the kids especially in preschools.

Studies show that home support for early learning can significantly complement the learning at school. both at home and school, interacting with the children on the curriculum with some games, activities and quizzes can help enhance the bonding with the child, improve the cooperative working among the parents and teachers and help improve the quality of education in a significant way. In perfecting the coordination between the teachers and parents, childcare management software can also play a big role.

Three important ways to perfect the parent – teacher communication

Communication between home and school during the early years of the child’s growth and learning can help enhance the mutual participation of parents and teachers in the teaching process. When the parents and teachers do a team work, it can augment the child’s learning. Sending notes to parents, leaving a voice message, updating the child’s progress from time to time, sharing the achievements of the kid and periodic discussions with the parent on the remedial learning and perfecting the discipline of the kid can be a positive way in which the school can make the parent participate in the molding of the child. Communication with the parents must be open, clear, and timely. Find constructing ways of communicating which can help build a positive understanding with the parent. Organize meetings for the parents to discuss the activities of the school, challenges to be tackled as a team and discussing the progress of the children.

Consistency is an important component of an effective teacher – parent relationship. The parents must be encouraged and shown the ways to create an atmosphere at home that can augment the child’s learning. Creating routines for homework, establishing a quiet place for the child to learn, providing the learning materials, spending time with the child at home on its studies and recapitulation can all play a definite role in enhancing the child’s learning. When it comes to planning and execution, it is very important that the parents and teachers are on the same page. This kind of coordinated working can give a consistent message to the child that its parents and teachers are together supporting his or her learning.

Collaboration is the third very important aspect of the parent teacher relationship. If the communication is frequent, the parent and teachers can together create more opportunities for the child to learn. The parents and teachers must together develop the goals for the child and must also participate in understanding the goals that the other party has for the child. If there are no discrepancies in these goals, it will mean a great deal is already achieved. When both teachers and parents put their conscious and involved efforts in realizing these goals, the child’s learning will receive a strong impetus.

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