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Interested in TOPS Knives?

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When it comes to searching for hardworking knives, TOPS is definitely a brand to consider. For over two decades, the team at TOPS Knives has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality knives for a wide range of uses. If you are looking for knives that have been designed and built by experts in several fields, then the TOPS inventory is full of incredible options.

TOPS Knives was founded in 1988 by a group of veterans who wanted to design and build knives that would be an improvement on the knives they were issued in Vietnam. Their first mission was to make knives that were both stronger and more durable than their service knives. That mission to create better knives that were built to perform has helped to inform every decision they have made since then.

All of the knives made by TOPS are manufactured in the United States and are designed by experts. Their team of designers has included survival experts, members of law enforcement, as well as former members of the Navy Seals, Airborne Rangers, and other branches of the US armed forces. If you are interested in finding high quality survival knives, then TOPS is the perfect brand for you.

They manufacture a wide range of products from tiny EDC knives to large blades for big jobs. If you are interested in finding a compact knife, then the TOPS Knives Baghdad Box Cutter might be the perfect option. These little knives are only 4.86″ long with a 2.25″ blade. The knife and skeletonized handle are made from one solid piece of 1095 carbon steel and are powder coated to protect the blade. The blade has a spear point design and a saber grind, making them extremely versatile for a wide range of tasks.

If you need a slightly larger knife for handling bushcraft tasks, then consider the TOPS Fieldcraft knife. This knife is 10″ overall with a 4.5″ blade. The 1095 carbon steel blade has a drop point and a modified Scandi grind. It is a great choice for a wide range of applications from firewood prep to skinning. The handles also feature a bow drill divot and the canvas micarta design makes these handles extremely durable. The thumb scallops, thumb jimping, and slight finger choil also provide a wide range of comfortable grips for accomplishing different tasks.

Finally, let’s talk about big knives. TOPS has a wide range of large knife and machete models including the El Chete. These knives are 17.5″ in length with a massive 12″ saber ground blade. The handles offer the beefy grip one would expect from a hatchet, allowing you to put some real power behind the El Chete when you need to.

You can find all of these TOPS Knives and more when you visit The Knife Connection. Their team is constantly researching the best new knives from popular manufacturers so their customers can always find what they are looking for. You can see their full inventory when you visit their online store at


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