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Is QSP Knife Company Legit?

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So many of us are prone to knife prejudice. There’s hardly any shame in admitting it. Acknowledging it is the first step to overcoming it.

But let’s break this down so we can understand it – what is it?

We might be experiencing knife prejudice when we see a blade that was produced in China and automatically think it’s not worth the asking price, whatever it is.

There is merit to this. Chinese knives have a long and colorful history of terrible fit and finish, low material quality, and poor fit and finish. Consider the dichotomy between Buck’s American-made and China-made knives. There is no dispute over which are better.

But, at the same time, there are so many great brands that have come out of China, especially in the last thirty years.

Consider CIVIVI, Artisan Cutlery and CJRB, Rough Ryder, and Kizer. Consider also that many American knife brands have production facilities in China and produce real quality.

The point is, just because it comes from China does not automatically mean that it won’t exhibit quality.

Another of these knife manufacturers is QSP Knife company, and you might justifiably be a bit leery if you’ve never handled one. Here’s what you need to look at if you want to know if QSP is legit.

Quality, Service, Price

QSP knife company, which has been producing premium quality pocket knives at budget prices since 2017, has one goal in mind: to produce budget-friendly and premium knives using industry-leading, cutting-edge techniques.

QSP knives are made using premium quality knife steels and handle materials, are CNC-machined and ground, and are finished and treated with water-jetting and vacuum heat treatment.

Each QSP knife is inspected before it is shipped for fit, finish, and quality. Here’s a bit more of what they offer.

Fit and Finish: Legit

The fit and finish quality of most QSP knives is not good but excellent. These knives rival the best of Kizer, Artisan Cutlery, and CIVIVI, all of which are also China-made brands with which they compete.

You can expect the fit and finish of a QSP knife to be as good or better than any of these and on par with American brands like OKC, Cold Steel, Buck, Gerber, Case, or CRKT.

Use of Materials: Legit

QSP knives also use top-quality materials for both knife scales and blade steels. Many QSP knives are made with Micarta, G10, carbon fiber, and brass scales that are extremely tough and durable.

As for blade steel, QSP knives are made with top-tier blade steel including but not limited to D2, S35VN, and 154CM, which offer excellent performance in terms of their ability to hold and take an edge, corrosion resistance, and toughness.

Unique Knife Designs and Practical Blade Profiles: Legit

QSP knives also feature a wealth of unique designs and practical blade profiles that improve their value and cool factor significantly.

For instance, if you’re looking for a traditional pocket knife with a drop point or a fixed blade, QSP has you covered.

But they also produce a wide range of unique designs and profiles, including but not limited to Karambits and hawkbill knives, pocket cleavers, wharnies, and sheepsfoot-style blades.

Decide If QSP Knife Company Is Legit for Yourself. It’ll Only Cost You Like $30

If you’re not convinced, just try one out for yourself. One of the great things about QSP knives is that there are many of them that are just about $30 or so.

So if you’re willing to gamble on QSP knife quality, break out a Jackson and a half and roll the dice. It’ll hardly cost you and you may be very well pleasantly surprised.

For that, check out White Mountain Knives at WhiteMountainKnives.com. They carry a number of QSP knives and offer free shipping in the U.S., but if you do decide that you’d rather put your money in a legacy brand, they carry them too.

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