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Jaw Angle and Depth in Sheet Metal Seamers

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Sheet metal seamers are used for a purpose that is straightforward enough. They enable the user to make precise folds in sheet metal that are used either for starting or finishing seams. After these seams are locked or finished, they can be completed with the application of solder that will render them waterproof and give them a better sense of permanence.

While their general purpose is easy enough to grasp, sheet metal seamers are not all the same. They exhibit a large amount of variety in construction and features. Among the traits that will vary between sheet metal seamers is in their jaw angle and depth. These two traits will significantly impact how effective the seaming tool in question is as well as what types of seams it can create.

To address these in sequence, the jaw angle will impact how easily you can make the bends and seams you need to make. It’s much easier, for example, to reach around a bend with a pair of sharply angled seaming pliers than it is to do so with a pair of hand seamers with straight jaws and straight handles. Considering the fact that these types of tools are designed to make precise bends and seams, their small size and ergonomics makes them superior to benders and brakes.

In addition, the jaw depth of a pair of seamers will also impact how effectively the tool can make a variety of bends or alterations in sheet metal. The limiting factor here is how deep the jaws reach. For example, a pair of seamers with ¼ inch deep jaws can make bends and seams no deeper than ¼ inch, whereas a pair of seamers with ½ inch deep jaws has the potential ability to make ¼ seams as well as deeper seams. Some seamers even have measurement markings for this very reason.

In addition to jaw depth and angle, there are other factors that can positively affect the performance of a pair of sheet metal seamers. For example, some seamers are created with rubber coated grips that will enhance your grip and performance, preventing you from slipping in the heat and against the cold when the temperatures drop as well. Some seaming pliers also have the ability to lock, giving you a better grip on the panel of sheet metal and making manipulation more convenient.

Additionally, there are seamers designed to make specific bends and seams, which is something about which you need to be aware when it comes time to utilize a pair. For those of you looking for your next pair of seaming pliers, visit John Stortz & Son at

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