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Marriage myths you must never believe for the good of your marriage

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When you are about to get married, a lot of people heap a lot of advices on you born out of their own personal beliefs and experiences. While a number of them come to you on the best intentions, you must really do some homework to filter them and take in only those that are universally true. It is very important to brush aside some myths that can ruin your peace of mind and trigger some unwanted apprehensions about your marriage. Here are few such common myths about marriage that you must not believe without validating them personally.

Your life partner must be your best friend
While this is certainly a desirable criteria, it can be too good to happen in reality. Though you are partners wedded for a lifetime, there are chances that you both can share different interests, tastes and priorities in life. The best married life ensues when you both learn how to adjust with the other person and accommodate their interests. Once you are prepared to fulfill their desires in the way possible to you, you can certainly land on a wonderful partnership in everything connected to marriage.

All arguments must end with a resolution
Married life can be replete with contentions and arguments concerning small things and big things in life. No two minds can think alike and this fact can give rise to arguments that you can obviously expect in relationships. Never expect that every argument must end with a resolution. If the situation gets knotty and unresolvable, just keep the differences aside and focus on other nice things in your immediate reach. Just taking time to settle things can automatically resolve the issues without much intervention. Beyond this, you just have to leave some things that you cannot solve.

Over half of marriages end in divorce
This is certainly an overstatement not based on actual statistics. However, the argument must not extend to if this is really true. Whatever people do out there, never bother about them. Just focus on what is best for you. Every person on this earth has his or her limitations and inconsistencies. Hence once you are prepared to accept and understand your life partner by compromising with certain issues, your marriage is going to rest on a solid rock that will not shake for small tremors.

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