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Mauser Bayonets and Other Accessories Are in at Sarco, Inc.

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Proud owners of Mauser rifles, including historical Mausers like the Gewehr 98 and the K98k, don’t need to look any farther than Sarco, Inc. to outfit their firearms with parts and accessories. Whether you’re looking for an accessory like a Mauser bayonet to create a more striking presentation or you actually need a new stock to create a new outfit for the rifle, Sarco, Inc. should be your first stop. Here’s a snapshot of what they can offer.

1. Mauser Bayonets
While there’s no longer any compelling practical use to outfit your Mauser with a new bayonet, if you want to make a more impressive presentation for your rifle, a bayonet will help you do so. At the same time, though, adding a bayonet to your Mauser rifle may significantly increase the value of the rifle as a collector’s piece. Additionally, reenactors might have a somewhat practical need for such pieces of equipment.

2. Mauser Stocks
Mausers were originally produced with wooden stocks and many modern Mausers still are. All aging stocks are prone to issues associated with poor maintenance and dry rot. Wood absorbs moisture, oxidizes due to contact with oil, cracks when it gets too dry, and can fracture under stress. Low quality woods, such as some replacement stocks, can also delaminate. Lucky for you, replacing a wooden stock shouldn’t be too much of a big deal, as long as you can find a stock that is a good mate for your rifle.

3. Mauser Bolts
The Mauser action was a revolutionary action and the locking system is known as one of the strongest bolt actions ever produced. It was widely influential and it continues to be so. However, even high quality has its limits, and an aging bolt needs care and attention, if not replacement. Whether you need to replace your entire bolt or just want to service the internals of the action, Sarco, Inc. has the parts you need to do so.

4. Mauser Slings
There are a couple of practical uses for Mauser slings. For those who own and use modern Mausers, for example, as hunting or sporting rifles, a sling makes it a lot easier to carry a rifle in the field all day with minimal fatigue. For owners of historical Mausers, a sling will complete the image and the presentation. Whether for form or function, it’s a worthwhile investment.

5. Miscellaneous Mauser Parts
In addition to these critical Mauser parts and accessories, Sarco, Inc. provides an even wide range of other Mauser parts. Basically, if it needs to be replaced on your Mauser rifle, there’s better than a good chance you can find it on their website. Even if you can’t see what you’re looking for, they encourage you to call them so they can help find the part for you. Actually, they encourage getting in contact with them if you don’t know what you need, let alone not being able to find it. That way, they can uncover the part you need for you.

There’s one more thing that the people at Sarco, Inc. keep on hand and in good measure, and it’s expertise. If you’re holding off on making changes, mods, upgrades or repairs to your Mauser because you aren’t confident tinkering with the parts of a rifle, just get in touch with the team at Sarco, Inc. and they’ll be glad to help you out.

You can learn more about what they offer at, but for advanced queries you can get in touch with them at 610-250-3960. They know a thing or two about historical arms and if you need to make significant changes or repairs, they should be your go to. They’ll help you break it down and put it back together in no time, both literally and figuratively.

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