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Online Carbide is a Quality Drill Bit Manufacturer

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Drill bits are one of the most important cutting tools found in machinist shops. Twist drill bits are specifically designed to produce holes in workpieces of all material types. One thing to consider when purchasing drill bits for your shop is the fact that the cutting edges on tools made from even the finest tool steel will eventually wear down over time. That is why it is so beneficial to source your drill bits from solid carbide drill bit manufacturers like Online Carbide.

As an American tool manufacturer, Online Carbide is dedicated to crafting high quality end mills and drill bits. Their cutting tools are designed, engineered, and manufactured to offer incredible results. Every high performance, solid carbide drill bit that they produce is designed to outperform tools made from high speed steel HSS. They grind their tools using the same 5 axis CNC grinders as other leading drill bit manufacturers.

One of the biggest advantages to using their drill bits is their solid carbide construction. Carbide tools are ideal for machining strong materials like stainless steel and cast iron. Despite its vaguely metallic appearance, carbide is a composite material made of ceramic tungsten carbide powder cemented together with cobalt metal. The tungsten carbide ceramic is nearly twice as strong and twice as rigid as steel, making it an ideal tool material.

Because ceramic is an extremely heat resistant material, carbide drill bits can operate at high speeds and work for long periods of time without suffering from the same heat fatigue as metal tools. On average drill bits and end mills from carbide drill bit manufacturers will stay sharper and last longer than steel tools.

One of the most common issues with drill bits, especially in milling applications, is accuracy. At high speeds, drill bits can wobble and their tips can deviate from the central axis of rotation. This means that your bit can easily deflect off the surface of your work piece and cause your hole to be out of alignment. Because carbide bits are far more rigid than HSS and cobalt drill bits, they are less likely to experience the powerful oscillations that cause metallic bits to miss their mark.

When it comes to finding carbide drill bits for your shop, it is always a good idea to buy from a reliable domestic supplier. Not all carbide drill bits are created equal and domestic tools tend to be made from superior carbide tool stock, making them more likely to outlast even the best steel tools.

If you are ready to experience the difference that ordering from a quality drill bit manufacturer can make, visit All of their tools are available at manufacturer direct prices so you can save when ordering the drill bits and end mills that your shop needs. If you have any questions or you are interested in have custom drill bits made for your shop, you can reach a member of their team by sending an email to [email protected].

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