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Paris Cannabis: The Dispensary in Torrance, CA, You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Just about every dispensary out there claims to offer the highest-grade, most specialized strains of medical grade cannabis, but few can put their money where their mouths are. If you’re tired of the promises and want to see the difference some hard facts can make, forget what you’ve been seeing and take a look at Paris Cannabis, company, out of Torrance, California.

Paris Cannabis is the dispensary in Torrance, CA, that you didn’t even know you needed, but it’s about high time you found out. Forget the tricks of the other dispensaries and distributors, and forget the middlemen and intercessors. Work with Paris Cannabis Co. and work with the source.

They started in 2006 with a vision. It was a simple vision, but it was a focused one: they wanted to create the finest strains, in their words, the best cannabis on the planet. In the years that followed, Paris Cannabis Company has refined their processes and has produced several award-winning strains that are internationally recognized.

You might recognize some of these names: Spacewalker OG, Louis XIII, French Cookies and Creme Brulee, among others. If not, it’s time you get familiar with them. They’ve been widely recognized as some of the finest strains that have ever been produced.

To the experts at Paris Cannabis Company, perfection is a journey, not a destination. That’s why they’ve been so successful over the years. They pay close attention to the details of their processes and create, cultivate and grow all of their strains in house, so they can control and manage every step of the process.

They only select and harvest the highest-quality flowers from their plants, and even today, everything they grow is selected and harvested by hand by experienced people with as much of a passion for quality Cannabis as you have.

They take their craft seriously and underlie their pursuits with passion for potency and excellence, but they understand that sometimes the buzz is what really makes a statement. If you’re looking to get into what they and their customers are saying, follow them on their social media accounts to see what others are saying. Follow them on their Instagram so that you can see what’s new and never miss a beat. You can also keep up with real customer feedback.

Other times you need to take what you can get right from the horse’s mouth. Get in touch with the people at Paris Cannabis Company directly and they’ll fill you in or answer any questions you have. There are no better people to consult than the source if you’re looking for real recommendations and expert insight.

Visit their website where you can learn more about the difference they make in cultivating, growing and then harvesting their strains. Feel free to reach out to them directly at 310-891-2223. Let them know which of their strains you’d like to know more about and they’ll fill you in on the details that only an expert can provide. Pretty soon, you’ll have a new dispensary in Torrance, CA to tango with.

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