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Reasons To Buy A Mini Tower PC For Gaming

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Having a high-performance gaming rig used to be synonymous with having a massive motherboard that accepted a seemingly infinite amount of noisy components. All of it housed inside a bulky case that would take up half of your desk´s useful space.

I confess I loved to show my full tower off, and tell my friends how high my temps would go when playing the latest PC games. Those were the days of blissful ignorance when the sound of high pitch fans meant everything was ok. Today, of course, we know that’s not how any of this works, and put more value on personal space, low temperatures, and quiet machines.

Modern gaming PCs pack a lot more power in a lot less space. This has made components like extended ATX (EATX) motherboards a tad excessive for most applications. In fact, ATX has become a standard. Moreover, Micro and Mini ATX are gaining a lot of traction nowadays, even among pro-gamers who are now moving toward mini tower PCs.

There are several reasons for that. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Mini tower PCs are incredibly portable
As cooling technology advances, and average component size gets smaller, mini tower and small form factor cases are becoming an obvious choice among casual gamers or users who also leverage processing power for work and leisure.

A mini tower PC is a tad bigger than your regular living room console, so it can be easily unplugged and carried to a different location. It is not unusual to see users taking them with them to their favorite spot in the house, or even taking them to a friend´s house for a quick LAN party.

They Can Pack Some Serious Power
Today´s latest titles demand a lot of processing and graphics power, and storage requirements have shot up through the roof. That would make us think we need bigger computers and more hard drives to be able to play any game. However, and as stated before, component size has been going down while performance has continued its relentless march towards infinite power, it seems. This means that even medium-range components can now handle almost any title on high or ultra settings without breaking a sweat.

They Still Offer Plenty Of Room
Computer cases no longer come with bays for bulky components such as magnetic and optical readers are no longer standard or desirable. Storage hardware has also gone micro, and now you can have virtually endless storage space on SSD drives that have the size of a bubble gum stick and are plugged directly into your motherboard.

This gives cases a lot more room for installing sizable graphic cards and cooling systems comfortably, and still leaves a lot of room for airflow or even additional components.

They Look Amazing
While full tower PCs can look impressive, their interior usually looks kind of bare and spartan. It can be beneficial in terms of temperature control and airflow, but they still look uninspiring or need a lot of “extras” so they look interesting.

Mini tower PCs offer a more contained space offering a more compact view that looks awesome through a tempered glass window. However, they must be installed by industry professionals so this “compact” look does not just mean that everything is crammed and cables are flying everywhere.

The best way to get a mini tower PC that packs incredible power, guarantees extra space for future customization, and is expertly assembled to guarantee optimized performance and temperature management, is by visiting CLX Gaming. They offer pre-built gaming PC options for every budget, but their custom online PC builder allows you to pick the components you really want and customize every detail of your machine.

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