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Registering Your Dental CBCT Machine With the State

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Adding a high-quality dental CBCT machine to your dental or dental specialty practice is important if you want to be able to provide a full range of dental services to your patients. However, there are some important state regulatory considerations, such as properly registering the machine with the state, that you want to research before purchasing this type of equipment.

Dental CBCT machines are closely regulated by the FDA, and as such, often need to be registered with the state. In addition, most states also require that dental practices also must be registered as X-ray facilities with the appropriate State Department of Health or Department of Radiation in order to be completely compliant. If you are looking for information on state registration requirements for dental cone beam computed tomography devices, this quick guide will help you.

Why Do Dental CBCT Machines Have to be Registered?
Since dental CBCT machines utilize X-ray technology, emit radiation and are used to diagnose dental conditions, they must be closely monitored by the proper health officials in order to maintain the safety of both practice staff and patients. Dental cone beam systems are sometimes even more strictly regulated than other dental imaging devices, so planning for them requires special care and consideration. It’s important that dental CBCT systems have been installed properly and with the appropriate shielding, are operated and maintained per manufacturer specifications, and are functioning optimally. Registering these devices is a way for state regulatory authorities to ensure that your practice is in full compliance with state regulations and manufacturers’ specifications.

Failure to register your cone beam or X-ray equipment can sometimes incur serious state penalties, including violations, fines and sometimes the revocation of your practice X-ray license, so it’s important to be aware of all state X-ray regulations and requirements. Whether you are just starting a new dental practice or you are adding a dental CBCT system to an already established location, you want to make sure that you register the device correctly and within the required timeframe.

Each state has its own requirements and procedures for registering medical and dental devices. This information can usually be found on your state’s respective Department of Health or Department of Radiation website. While some states now allow you to register your practice and dental X-ray equipment online, most states still require the manual completion and submission of paper forms.. Depending on the state in which you are located, this process may differ slightly, so it’s important to check in with your specific state’s requirements or contact them for more information. You can also find a helpful tool at that can assist you with finding your state’s DOH site.

It’s important to note that if you are starting up a new dental practice, that your entire facility may also need to be registered as an “X-ray facility” and that these processes can differ significantly from state to state. Many states even require that you register as an x-ray facility and get approval before the installation of the machine occurs.

Where Can You Find Quality Affordable Dental CBCT Equipment?
Now that you are more familiar with the registration requirements for adding dental CBCT machines into your facility, you might be wondering where to find some affordable options. You can choose from a wide selection of certified pre-owned dental X-ray and cone beam equipment at Renew Digital. They are your trusted source to find the exact CBCT system you need, at the right price, in order to best care for your patients. Contact them today at 888-246-5611 or visit to learn more.

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