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Short Guide to finding open tenders

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Selling products and services to the government is one of the most lucrative business opportunities a lot of entrepreneurs are benefiting from. If you are new to this arena, here is a short guide to understand where to find tenders and how to sell products and services to the government.

The bottom line

Year on year, a lot of companies and the government purchase a diverse kinds of products and services via tenders and contracts. This arena can be a highly profitable and rewarding business opportunity if you have a flair for it and can equip yourself with what it needs to move forward with this business.

Getting to know about government opportunities

The Australian Government notifies the business opportunities, successful contracts and the standing offers that are valued at more than $10,000 on the AusTender website. On this website, you can do many things including registering your profile with the services, downloading the tender documents, lodge a tender response and get details about successful tenders and contracts existing at present. Once you are a registered supplier, you will receive notifications on the business opportunities that will match with your profile.

Digital services tenders

When you have digital services or products to sell, you will find some great opportunities to do business with the government including the local, state, territory and federal. Simple to use platform, the digital market place brings the buyers and digital sellers on one platform. An easy to join portal, Digital Marketplace lets you post case studies to project your experience and capabilities and apply for those opportunities that are posted by the buyers.

Government tenders pertaining to the state or territory

There are exclusive agencies taking care of the tenders of respective state and territory governments. Here are the links to different tender portals dedicated to government tenders.

Australian Capital Territory –Tenders ACT

New South Wales – NSW eTendering

Northern Territory – Quotations and Tenders Online

Queensland – QTenders

South Australia –Tenders SA

Tasmania – Tasmanian Government Tenders

Victoria – Buying for Victoria

Western Australia – Tenders WA

This is how you can sell to the government

Before you apply to sell your products or services to the government, you must know how the tenders and contracts work in Australia. The government has published a guide online titled Selling to Government Guide which can help you to understand where to find the opportunities to sell to the government, get to know the rules and processes governing government tenders, and understand the process to follow up when you win a contract.

Opportunities to sell to the non-government entities

A number of commercial websites available online that are dedicated to advertising tender opportunities. By searching online and learning from those that are doing business in these lines already, you can find companies that can provide you consultancy services and bid writing services for a reasonable fee. Some good websites of this kind also provide you templates and checklists to make your job easy. Working with these sites is a definite way to find your way smoothly into becoming a successful seller.

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