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Some Ideal Giveaways for Clients and Customers

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Any industry relies on the creation of goodwill between a business and its audience. This goodwill can be built up through excellent customer service, customer engagement, and high quality products.

However, another way you could create goodwill in your target audience is the strategic use of giveaways. You can use custom promotional items or customized branded products for a trade show, a marketing event, a contest, or any campaign to engage your audience.

But not all giveaways are valuable in the eyes of your clients and customers. Different kinds of giveaways can generate different kinds of reaction in your audience, and any smart business will choose items that will make the brand memorable and very appealing.

So which giveaway items are ideal to give to your clients and customer base?

Modern life has required most of us to use not only debit and credit cards, but also discount cards and membership cards. This has made cardholders a popular and useful item to have on hand, perfect for a giveaway or promotion. They are also ideal because they can be attached to a mobile phone and can be carried by the user anywhere.

Many people use these whenever there are trade shows and events too, as they can use the cardholder to collect business cards and name cards. Placing your logo is a good way to promote your brand too!

Water Bottles
These items are useful, affordable, and can appeal to a large number of your customers and clients. Many people love to receive water bottles as giveaways, as they can use them anywhere.

They can also use the bottle to display their logo and company colors in a creative and appealing manner, as most water bottles use attractive designs. The most appealing water bottles are reusable ones, or folding ones that are convenient for travel.

Use several colors and logo placements for variation, and you’ll find customers and clients loving and using this special giveaway.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories
Whether it’s a USB drive, a charger, or a webcam cover, tech gadgets and accessories are the most popular promotional company items these days. Most people carry mobile smart phones and laptops, and any accessories they could use with their gadgets is the best way to partner up with a popular brand and give these goodies as promotional company items.

You could also give away lens cleaners, mobile phone cases, and special phone holders. These are all attractive accessories for your audience and will likely attract new customers when they know you are giving these as gifts.

Think Outside of the Box When it Comes to Giveaways
To make your giveaway or promotion as successful as possible, it’s worth it to go out of your way to choose items that will resonate with the receiver as much as possible. For this we recommend checking out iPromo. They have an impressive selection of items on hand that can be customized online in minutes.

Whether it’s popular tech items, clothing items from known brands like Nike, personal care items, or even sports-related items, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for at iPromo.

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