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Step by step tender writing process

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Tender writing is an art and science at once. Submitting winning tenders comes after a long practice. When you want to submit successful tenders, you must understand the different steps involved in preparing winning tenders. Here are the different steps to systematize your tender submission process and beat the competition.

Study the tender guidelines thoroughly
This is the most important stage in tender writing process. This step highlights the vital information and creates the base of the bidding strategy. Before getting started with the tender response, you must determine if the tender is worth it. Absence of initial evaluation will land you on problems later on. The aspects you will need to consider include if the tender is aligned to your business methods, do you match with the needs mentioned, can you meet the needs of the buyer, do you have the probability of winning, can you complete the process within the stipulated time, are you familiar with the buyer, do you have the experience required, and are there any requirements you cannot meet.

Review the information given
Make sure that you have read and understood the information given in the tender document. In this step, you must make sure to review the tender, identify the questions, find out if you need to clarify anything from the buyer, do you know about the buyer, can you research with some of the successful tenders they have approved, are there any formatting requirements you will need to consider like layout, attachments, and word count. Also make sure if something is missing from the information which you might feel can add value to your tender.

Create the bid plan
Once you have clearly outlined the requirements, make sure if you have covered all the necessary information. Plan well on how you will prepare the response. Your tender plan will feature the dates, names, and actions for the items needed to be attended before the deadline. Plan what resources you will require, whose support will help you out, what actions will have to be completed, what works will be delegated, have you planned the timeline of the activity, are you ready with the milestones, how will you engage with your team and other details.

Once you have done the necessary ground work, you need to create the right strategies, present the details in bullet points and not in a narrative, keep track of the developments and coordinate with your team, do the proof reading, review the document and attachments and hen plan the submission. The support of expert bid writing consultants can help you structure your tender in a systematic way.

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