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Table Tent Signs: A Simple and Efficient Way To Improve Productivity

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For any business, labeling and clear, concise arrangements are essential, but within the food industry, these things are especially important. A table tent sign is one of the simplest, yet most efficient ways to get your point across. Regardless of what type of business you run within the foodservice industry, you’ll be able to place one of these down on any counter space and have immediate results.

Types of Businesses That Would Benefit From Counter Tent Signs

Buffet-Style Restaurants

If your business offers a buffet-style eating experience then you can add a tent sign that identifies the food you’re serving. It is a straightforward and brilliant item, that can lead to higher productivity in a fast-paced environment.

If you have a business that features long lines or heavy traffic, your customers will appreciate counter tent signs that tell them exactly what they may be eating. They won’t even have to stop and ask your staff to elaborate on the dish.

Bars and Pubs

At businesses like bars, these tent signs can also be a huge improvement. In many pubs, taverns, or anywhere that features an open bar, it can often get crowded and potentially even a bit rowdy. Anyone who’s worked as a bartender or even seen a lone worker be forced to handle an unexpected rush knows that table signs and labeling can be very helpful.

Having a line of popular drink options with their identifying signs in clear view can help people see what the bar has to offer and may lessen the number of customers asking unnecessary questions. It also will help uncertain customers make a choice without wasting too much time.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

The area where these counter tent signs are used most frequently would be wherever you can find coffee and tea. You could run a pristine coffee shop, a hotel with coffee and tea options available for customers in the lobby, or own a completely unrelated business that just serves drinks in the break room, but regardless of the type of business you’re running these table tent signs can be very useful.

One company, Imprint Plus, has specific text choices available like “milk”, “cream”, “hot tea”, “coffee”, and so on. You can choose from their selection if you don’t want to customize your own or work with one of their specialists.

Where To Buy Table Signs For Your Business

The best place to purchase table tent signs would be from They offer only the sturdiest and most durable options when it comes to their tent signs. They may be small and compact, but they are also made with strong, resilient metal that is able to withstand the test of time and won’t budge throughout the day. They have counter tent sign options of white, silver, or gold metal and can be customized to fit your preference.

Work with a specialist and come up with the perfect text for your counter tent sign. It could just be text that is labeling or identifying an item or a complete message or statement. Many people will use table signs to let people know that a certain register or table is temporarily closed. There are countless possibilities. Order some today and improve productivity for your business.

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