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The Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves for Each Position

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If you’re looking to join a fastpitch league for the first time or a new season is approaching and you need to replace some obsolete equipment, then this quick and simple guide will help you find the essentials. There’s obvious gear that you’ll need like a bat and your uniform, but today we’re going to focus on gloves. When it comes to gloves for fielding, you would think it would be pretty simple to pick out the right glove for you, right? Well, there’s more to picking out a glove than just the basics.

When picking out a softball glove you need to think about the size of the glove you’ll need and also the position that you’ll be playing. Some positions require vastly different gloves than others. For example, if you’re playing catcher you will need a fastpitch catcher’s mitt that is specifically designed for that position. Infielders and outfielders generally will try to use slightly different gloves as well.

The Best Fastpitch Gloves For Each Position
Some major fastpitch softball glove brands consist of Rawlings, Easton, and Wilson. All three of these brands have excelled when it comes to producing quality softball equipment. If you are playing a position in the infield, then an excellent choice would be to select something from the Easton Professional Collection. These gloves have a sleek and almost elegant look to them and their pro-style allows for extra pocket durability.

If you are playing the outfield there are plenty of options to choose from. One choice that any fastpitch outfielder cannot go wrong with is the new 2021 Wilson A2000 V125SC. This glove features the latest Spin Control Technology which helps reduce the spin of the ball. The Super Skin microfiber material is half the weight of a Pro Stock Leather glove, but twice as durable.

One of the most important and difficult positions on the field is obviously the pitcher. If you are looking to step on the mound this softball season, then you’ll need a proper glove. All of the brands mentioned make stellar fastpitch pitcher’s gloves, so there’s no way you can go wrong. One excellent choice is the Wilson A2000 P12SS. This glove features Wilson’s signature ComfortPro Fit. It has ProLux Leather for a soft feel against your hand and a Comfort Sleeve that conceals the binding on your wrist for extra comfort.

Lastly, if you are a catcher you’ll need a solid fastpitch catcher’s mitt. Just like with those in the infield, there is a catcher’s mitt within the Easton Professional Collection that features many of the same advantages. Wilson also made a 2021 Aubree Munro catcher’s mitt that has the same spin control technology as their outfielder’s glove. However, their catcher’s mitt features SuperSnakeSkin microfiber material that is light, durable, and moisture-resistant.

Where to Buy High-Quality Fastpitch Gloves
Once you know what position you will be playing this baseball season, your glove size, and the style you are interested in, you should be ready to pick out a quality glove for yourself. We’ve mentioned some amazing options, but there are also plenty of other alternatives available that are just as high in quality.

If you’re searching for fastpitch gloves online, the best place to shop is Whether it’s baseball bats, infield and outfield gloves, or catcher’s equipment, and fastpitch catcher’s mitts, they have all of the softball and baseball equipment you’ll need for your upcoming season. Visit their site and see the vast selection that HB Sports has to offer.

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