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The Everpure H300 is a Perfect Addition to Any Kitchen

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Every day, millions of people fill up a glass of water from their kitchen faucet without giving the quality of that water a second thought. While some water quality issues are easy to detect, many harmful contaminants can be present in our drinking water without having a significant impact on the taste, appearance, or smell of the water. One way to make sure that your water is safe to drink is to install a dedicated drinking water filtration system in your home. If you are looking for a filter that is easy to use and offers incredible results, then the Everpure H300 filter is a great option.

Everpure water filtration systems are designed to be some of the easiest water filters to use and install in any home kitchen. They are designed to be mounted underneath your kitchen sink on the inside of your sink’s cabinet. These filters use metal replacement cartridges that are extremely easy to swap out so maintenance is minimal.

With systems like the H300, the actual water is dispensed using a small air gap faucet that has to be installed separately. This faucet will dispense only your filtered water so you can continue to use your regular faucet for your cleaning needs while always having access to freshly filtered water when you need a drink. These filters can provide up to half a gallon of water per minute, so you can always get as much water as you need when you need it.

The key to the effectiveness of these filters is their cartridge design. Every metal Everpure cartridge contains their proprietary micro pure filter media. This carbon based material is specially formulated to scrub your water clean with it’s incredibly high surface area. Microscopic pores in the carbon media helps to capture waterborne particles as small as half a micron in size. This is fine enough to remove particulate matter and small particles of certain harmful heavy metals like lead that can end up in your drinking water.

Filters in Everpure’s H series, like the H300, have a filter membrane covered in this filter media arranged in a pleated shape. This helps to maximize the surface area of the filtration membrane while also allowing for great water flow. The Everpure H300 is designed to filter roughly 300 gallons of water per cartridge. For many households, this size filter cartridge can last an entire year.

Unlike pitcher filters and other maintenance heavy options, Everpure systems operate without the need for constant upkeep. Once a year has passed or the flow rate from the cartridge begins to noticeably decrease, all you have to do is swap it for a fresh replacement cartridge. This process is about as complicated as screwing in a lightbulb and should only take a few minutes to complete every year.

With this level of convenience, it comes as no surprise that the H300 water filter is one of the most popular under sink filtration systems. These water filters can remove the contaminants responsible for producing foul tastes and orders as well as other potentially harmful waterborne contaminants. This means that you can enjoy a little extra peace of mind everytime to you reach to fill up a glass of water.

If you are interested in adding an H300 or other Everpure water filter to your home, then the team at efilters can help. At, you will find a great selection of Everpure products that are designed to offer constant access to freshly filtered water in any home kitchen.

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