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The Everpure H54: A Powerful Filter in a Small Package

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When it comes to home water filtration systems, size can be a big issue. From clunky pitcher filters to extensive under sink filtration systems, water filtration tends to take up a good bit of space. If you are looking for excellent filtration quality without having to sacrifice too much of your valuable kitchen space, then the Everpure H54 might be the perfect water filtration system for your home.

The Everpure H54 is one of the most compact under sink filtration systems produced by Everpure. The H54 is over 25% smaller than other Everpure single cartridge filter systems measuring only 15″ in height including the filterhead. This means that you can easily install one of these filters under your kitchen sink while still having plenty of space for cleaning supplies and other kitchen essentials.

On top of being compact, these systems are also extremely easy to install. You don’t even need any plumbing experience, just a few basic hand tools to screw the filterhead in place and to install a small fitting on your kitchen sink’s cold water line. You will also need to add a small air gap faucet or other filtered water dispenser to your countertop.

Once all of these pieces are installed, all you have to do is connect them together with flexible tubes that are easy to cut and install. Once the filter cartridge is installed, you run the H-54 drinking water system for a few minutes to purge any air from the system and you can enjoy roughly 750 gallons of filtered water per cartridge.

The Everpure H-54 cartridge is where the actual filtration process takes place. These water filter cartridges are filled with Everpure’s proprietary Micropure filtration media. This media is arranged to allow a pleated filter membrane in order to increase the surface area within the cartridge while also providing an excellent flow rate to your filtered water dispenser. These cartridges have been NSF certified for various applications including lead reduction so you can always be confident that your water quality is safe to drink.

Because of the compact size of these systems, they are also ideal for anyone looking for a built in drinking water filter for their RV or camper kitchen. Space is often at a premium in these small kitchens, making the H54 ideal. The cartridge fits into any space that can accommodate the 15″ system and a few inches to facilitate replacement cartridge installation. The H54 is also designed to prevent lime and scale build up, which can damage water using appliances like coffee makers and kettles. When you are travelling and unsure of your water hookup quality, having a filter system can be a big help.

On top of providing peace of mind, these systems are also extremely easy to maintain. Filter cartridges should be replaced at least once a year. This will ensure that the system continues to function properly. If you notice that the flow rate from your dispenser has slowed down before a year has passed, this is also a sign that you may need to replace your cartridge. The process of replacing a cartridge is as simple as changing a lightbulb so it should only take a few minutes to enjoy the convenience of freshly filtered water all year.

If you would like to find an Everpure H54 for your home, is the perfect place for you to visit. Their team of filtration experts specialize in Everpure systems and have a wide range of models in stock. They are always happy to help homeowners find the perfect water filtration solutions for their homes.

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