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The Unsurprising Value of Custom Metal Name Badges

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When you are planning out the process of re-outfitting your current employees or support staff with new name badges, you have to weigh a decision. Do you want to invest in the highest level of quality possible, and get the most value for the dollars you spend, or are you willing to put quality in the backseat and settle for low-quality, single use name badges every time you need a new set?

We’re here to tell you that that predicament is one that you can lay to rest. No longer do you need to choose between cost and quality in name badges – you can even get unsurprising value from the custom name badges that you can create at

In addition to their high-quality, customizable plastic name badges, Imprint Plus offers significantly impressive options for customization in their metal name badges. They won’t break the bank, and they are engineered for a long lifespan. That is, an investment today will pay off in the long term, and you can spread the image of your brand as highly sophisticated at the same time.

You can customize some of our metal name badges with your own designs or logos, and then you can decide whether you want to print them or if we will, whichever is convenient for you. Our reusable metal badges, for example, come with a metal plate made of rust-proof aluminum that is available in three metal colors – either gold, silver or white, which snaps to a high-quality lens cover made of tough polycarbonate to protect the entire badge. Shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant, these are tough badges that are intended to last a while.

Custom metal name badges are some of the toughest, highest quality name badges that you can invest in for your business. While many of the plastic name badges, photo IDs and other professional signage at Imprint Plus are designed to last, nothing beats the impression of a custom metal name badge.

Metal name badges will give your brand an uncommon image as one of sophistication and professionalism, and will leave a lasting impression on your business partners and on your customers. They’re the ideal compliment to a beautiful, professional uniform, and as a part of one, will only polish the image of your employees more completely.

There is also the simple fact that custom metal name tags have the potential to last so much longer than other alternatives in name badges. For anyone looking to make the switch from an alternative like paper or plastic, metal badges will provide a higher-quality solution that will last longer.

In addition to their reusable metal name badges that use printed plastic sheets, they also sell digitally printed and engraved name tags which can be customized for an even more impressive and memorable look. Among some of their special offerings are UV printed badges that are water and fade-resistant and their engraved metal badges that can be produced from brushed gold-tone or nickel-silver bars. An engraved badge will last for many years with care, and Imprint Plus will even engrave for you!

In addition to their collections of name badges that can be customized in full-color, they complete them with either pins fasteners or magnetic fasteners which are more suitable for delicate fabrics, so if you’re interested in a magnetic name tag made of metal, you can find it in their collection as well.

To learn more about their offerings, visit their website at or give them a call at 800-563-2464. You can learn more about their services online, but if you have any questions about their offerings, give them a call and a specialist can clear up any questions you have!

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